This article was published on October 11, 2021

This $20 training package can boost your coding skills and get you working as a developer

This $20 training package can boost your coding skills and get you working as a developer
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Premium Coding Skills Bundle offers nine courses and nearly 30 hours of instruction in programming skills that can help you get hired as a serious web developer.

They call web development its own world. But in reality, it’s really more of an entire universe. The possibilities are virtually endless when you consider that for every web building project, there are likely about a dozen different ways to arrive at an outcome. Of course, knowing which method is most likely to help that outcome become a success is where elite coders separate themselves from the enthusiasts.

Only a trained and knowledgeable web creator can make that call — but that begins with having a well-rounded skill set from which to start. Users can build that level of cross-disciplinary talent with the training in The Premium Coding Skills Bundle ($20 this week from TNW Deals).

The collection includes nearly 30 hours of training across nine courses, each exploring different facets of modern web building along with various prep courses to get tested and certified in some of today’s hottest web skills.

Some heavy-duty foundational web learning is front and center here, including courses that help students get a handle on core elements like C++ programming and SQL. C++ is one of the most popular tools in a developer’s skill set for handling complex, high-level web functions, particularly for hardcore gaming and app coders. Meanwhile, SQL designs and manages databases as students learn about SQL basics, how to design and develop schemes, how to build web apps with PHP, and how to fix data issues before they become big problems.

Certifications carry a lot of weight in today’s development scene, so users also get access to a handful of courses aimed specifically at helping learners pass key credentialing exams. There’s a course in tackling the app efficiency and productivity questions behind Microsoft’s MTA 98-361 Software Development Fundamentals Exam, as well as another dedicated to getting certified in coding with Python, one of the most popular programming languages around.

Finally, the package even includes a pair of courses in game development. One features building 12 different mobile games on the Scratch 3.0 platform, while another bolsters coding skills by building 3D games in the Kodu Game Lab. 

Regularly, the courses in The Premium Coding Skills Bundle would retail for $1,800. However, the TNW Deals limited-time price drops on select courses and course bundles this week lowers the cost for this complete package to just over $2 per course at only $20. Jump on this offer now before it ends in just a few days. 

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