This article was published on June 8, 2020

Thinking isn’t all about smarts. It’s a skill you can master. This training shows you how

Thinking isn’t all about smarts. It’s a skill you can master. This training shows you how Image by: Christina Morillo
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TLDR: The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny helps train your brain to solve problems, make better decisions and organize your thoughts like mankind’s greatest thinkers.

When you picture a master thinker, you might envision someone like Plato, Aristotle or maybe William Shakespeare. Or maybe your mind goes to a scientific wizard like Galileo, Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein.

It’s likely that most people don’t include themselves in the class of master thinkers. But millions of people have a firm grasp of thinking skills, the very fine-tuned mental processes humans use to solve problems, make decisions, build plans, organize information or create.

Those skills can be taught — and you can even become a high-functioning thinker yourself with the training in The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle ft. Timothy Kenny. His four-course collection of training is on sale now for only $21.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals.

If you don’t know Timothy Kenny, he taught at Harvard, Tufts and literally wrote the book on the process of thinking.

Across these four courses, Kenny lays out the steps to help anyone train their mind’s innate skills to handle better problem solving, meta cognition, critical thinking and more.

The training starts in Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 1: The 12 Fundamental Skills, which outlines the basics of understanding and applying the most groundbreaking advances in thinking skills. You’ll learn how to motivate yourself to take action and make progress after you make decisions, as well as build a diverse problem-solving toolkit that can handle almost anything.

Next, Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 2: Become a Creative Genius deconstructs the strategies of the most successful geniuses in history so you can apply them to your own pursuits, understanding multiple perspectives, visual thinking, use of metaphor, and living in the flow. From there, Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 3: 15 Secret Mini Languages looks at communication from body and sign language to code programming and cryptographic languages to give you an edge in better interpreting what the world around you has to say.

Finally, Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math digs into a common anxiety point for many: simple math. This course offers simple mental math hacks so that you can calculate the perfect tip every time, turn fractions into percentages and give yourself a new sense of confidence when dealing with numbers.

Each course in this package is a $199 value, but with this collection, you can get all four for less than $6 per course, just $21.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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