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This article was published on October 23, 2021

Think you’ve got what it takes to build your own mechanical wristwatch? Rotate makes it possible

Think you’ve got what it takes to build your own mechanical wristwatch? Rotate makes it possible
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TLDR: With a Rotate DIY Watchmaking Kit, tinkerers can put their skills to the ultimate test, assembling their own dynamic mechanically-driven watch.

Maybe jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku aren’t quite doing it for you anymore. Tests of mental acuity are always a fun pastime for smart people, but sometimes, even games and puzzles can get a bit stale.

In that case, you could attack a challenge that’s not only a serious brain-tester, but also incredibly practical. Rather than assembling a puzzle, how about breaking out a set of finely-honed tools and assembling the pieces to forge a working, mechanically-driven, stylish watch?

That’s the idea behind Rotate Watches, who have launched their unique all-in-one watchmaking kits, a complete collection of all the parts, tools and instructions needed for anyone to actually create their own wristwatch.

Founded by watchmakers and artisans, fans on Kickstarter flipped for the idea, with almost 500 backers staking the project to nearly $100,000 in contributions to get the company off the ground. Now, you can tackle the build all on your own, whether you’re intrigued by the challenge or just looking to have a quality timepiece once it’s all said and done.

Now…we’re not gonna lie. This is not a walk-in-the-park type project. Builders will definitely need to bring their A game, lending their skill, precision, and attention to detail to assembling all these pieces correctly. But by following the carefully laid-out instructions and using the watchmaking tools included with the kit, motivated tinkerers can craft a watch that works like a dream and looks like a million bucks.

Each finished watch is 100 percent mechanical with no batteries needed, keeps running for up to 40 hours without winding, and can also remain waterproof at up to 160 feet below the water’s surface.

You can even get custom laser engraving to have special initials on the watchcase for an even more personal touch.

With five styles to choose from, first-time watchmakers can even create a Rotate DIY Watchmaking Kit timepiece that syncs up with their own personal taste. Models range from the elegant black leather strapped Edison to the copper-tinged Galileo to the brown leather and silver of the Wright for just $149.99 each, a savings of almost 25 percent. Or you can try your hand and the silver-banded Newton or the gleaming gold Eifel varieties for only $169.99.

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