This article was published on August 26, 2021

These open-ear headphones deliver premium sound while never compromising your safety

These open-ear headphones deliver premium sound while never compromising your safety
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TLDR: The Allegro Directional Audio Open-Ear Headphones wrap around the ears, but never block sound, all while serving up brilliant audio quality.

Headphones used to be crafted almost specifically to block out the world. Unfortunately, we discovered that blissful audio cocoon can lead to some tragic conclusions. That bubble has now metastasized into twalking, with pedestrians wearing headphones or earbuds, eyes locked on smartphone screens, shockingly unaware of what’s happening around them.

And that practice is more than just a nuisance. It’s actually deadly. The number of twalking deaths in the U.S. actually tripled between 2012 and 2019. Fully obstructing your ear canals with earbuds isn’t practical anywhere. And it definitely isn’t safe.

That’s why open ear headphones have become the new standard for anyone who wants to listen and move through the world safely at the same time. These Allegro Directional Audio Open-Ear Headphones ($39.99, 33 percent off, from TNW Deals) deliver premium sound quality, while never blocking you to everything in the world around you.

Crafted for active users, these headphones from Conduction Labs are designed to wrap around the back of the neck, the open-ear design funneling sound to your inner ear without obstructing your hearing. That tightly focused sound comes right from these almost weightless headphones, weighing just 18 grams and resting gently on the ears so they never feel uncomfortable or burdensome.

In addition to the crystal clear sound, the Allegro makes sure your end sounds just as clean with microphones for taking and receiving calls with absolute fidelity.

While these headphones are feather-light, that doesn’t mean they’re delicate. Engineered for the outside world, they’re IPX5 waterproof rated to withstand rain, sweat, or even dust.

And no matter where you take them, you’ll get plenty of use thanks to the 5 hours of battery life available from a single charge.

Regularly priced at $59, the Allegro Directional Audio Open-Ear Headphones are on sale now at a third off that price, lowering your total to just $39.99. You can even get them in a cool white variety as well.

And if you include them as part of an order of $50 or more, you’ll also receive a $10 in-store credit. Just make sure you don’t have any returns that drop your order total below $50, and the credit will be added to your account within 14 days.

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