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This article was published on November 12, 2021

These fantastic toys and puzzles at special pre-Black Friday prices are a steal

These fantastic toys and puzzles at special pre-Black Friday prices are a steal
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: These awesome holiday gift ideas are not only guaranteed hits…they also an extra 15 percent off for a limited time.

Flash forward a month. You’re gonna be racking your brain for an incredibly cool holiday gift on a short timeline…and you’re going to think back to this moment. Right now. Because this is the moment you could have scratched a whole bunch of people off your gift list with all 10 of these super fun toys and puzzles featured in this pre-Black Friday sale.

And you’re really going to be kicking yourself because you could have saved an additional 15 percent off each of these items by using the code SAVE15NOV during checkout. But this deal was only good for a limited time. And you missed it. Unless you didn’t…right? Avoid that darkest timeline now.

Dancebot Dancing Robot ($42.49; regularly $79)

Dancebot is…a robot. Who dances. What more do we need to explain here? He’s cute as a button, doubles as a speaker, and is packed with a smart dancing algorithm that can listen to audio, then bust out some fly moves synched to the beat. Dancebot will even read bedtime stories to your kids. There’s a reason this was fully funded on Kickstarter…because nobody turns down a dancing robot. Nobody.

Robosen T9 Programmable Robot ($339.99; regularly $499)

If you ever wanted a Transformer that was seriously a real Transformer, then you’re gonna lose your mind at the T9. One of the “coolest robot toys ever made” according to The Verge, this AI-powered bot uses more than 3,000 state-of-the-art components and 22 proprietary servo motors to pose, walk, transform, do cool stunts, and generally just be the kick-assingest toy under the tree this year, hands down. He definitely wasn’t on a CNET’s Coolest Robots of 2020 list for nothing.

Jamstik Guitar Trainer ($169.15; regularly $229)

This guitar instruction tool is only 18 inches long, yet it plays and sounds just like a full-sized guitar. Bundled with apps and software to teach novices how to shred like a pro, this 2020 edition includes an updated tactile d-pad, matte finish, and spring-loaded strings for an even more realistic feel and sound. With the companion app, you’ll have the training to improve your play, all in a package that can help learners practice virtually anywhere.

PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks ($101.11; regularly $139)

Add to the band with a pair of drumsticks that are both ultra-portable and pack the power of a full drum kit without…you know…big, heavy, expensive actual drums. Connect via Bluetooth to the AeroBand app to learning drumming or improve your skills with immersive gaming modes. Successfully funded on Indiegogo, the best part of the PocketDrum is you can plug in a pair of earbuds and no one else will hear one snare bash or cymbal crash as you Animal out.

PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar ($29.71; regularly $40)

If you’re rather go sans guitar stick, then how about a tool the size of a guitar pic that teaches guitar playing and practicing instead? Learn the basics of rhythm, all without the burden of a full guitar as you strum and play chords out of thin air. And when you use it with your PocketDrum, they also double as foot sensors for kickdrums and other foot-driven percussion.

Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights Kit ($46.74; regularly $64)

Create the centerpiece to your own time-traveling DeLorean with this cool little Back to the Future callback. With 18 genuine LEGO bricks, LED lights, and a pre-assembled circuit board, you can follow the directions to bring your own flux capacitor to life. It’s a conversation starter, for sure — in addition to just being ridiculously cool in its own right.

Arkade FPS Motion Blaster ($110.49; regularly $129.99)

Wanted to play all your favorite first-person shooter games with some firepower that lives up to the game? This Arkade Motion Blaster features an onboard motion-sensing system built that tracks every move you make in the real world and translates it to your game life for an truly immersive gaming experience. It’s compatible with over 100 top games like Halo, GTA: San Andreas, Star Wars: Battlefront, and more, and it’s got a battery that can handle up to 14 hours of gameplay on a single charge. This is for serious gamers. Really.

Cyber Blade: Dagger Laser Sword ($90.94; regularly $145)

Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, this is an elegant weapon for a more civilized day. The aerospace-grade aluminum hilt of the Dagger is precision milled to fit your hand like a glove, all while sporting 11 different changeable light colors and a handful of realistic sound effects to inspire fear and awe, depending on your mood. Connect the detachable, ultra-durable, battle-ready blade and you’re ready to restore order to the galaxy. Or at least, your living room.

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