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This article was published on July 12, 2021

These courses will show you how Microsoft PowerShell can change how you run IT operations

These courses will show you how Microsoft PowerShell can change how you run IT operations
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TLDR: The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle explores how to automate high level programming functions with this Microsoft standout.

You know Word. You understand Excel and PowerPoint and Outlook. But once you get past some of Microsoft’s heavy hitters, you start to realize there are still a whole slew of Microsoft apps that you know absolutely nothing about. You might have seen them elbowing for attention in a Microsoft Office bundle once, but you really have no idea what they can do or the full range of their powers.

One of those silent, but deadly standouts is Microsoft PowerShell. While it may never have crossed your radar unless you’re a programmer, PowerShell is a cross-platform shell and scripting language created to help automate thousands of potential tasks. With the training in The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle ($19, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), users learn how to incorporate this versatile and powerful app into their programming.

Over three courses covering almost 120 lessons, users will earn a full understanding of everything PowerShell can do and the many ways it can help speed up coding work. And all three courses are presented by instructor and IT professional Vijay Saini, so you know each course will be integrated and work together to offer a full picture of PowerShell’s abilities.

Learners can get started with Learning Task Automation Using Windows PowerShell, an introductory level course that’ll get IT pros understanding the app’s basic features, then using PowerShell scripting for handling events like file purging and schedule service restarts. There’s also training in how it integrates with Windows Task Scheduler, so users can schedule PowerShell scripts to run.

Next, Advanced Scripting and Tool Making Using Windows PowerShell elevates the training, focusing higher functions like interacting with databases, building GUIs, and using PowerShell for web scraping and other programming tasks. Finally, Active Directory (AD) Management Using Windows PowerShell rounds out the instruction with a look at topics like managing users and groups using PowerShell and even tackling bulk requests.

Each course in The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle is usually a $200 value, but as part of this collection, all three courses are available now for just over $6 a piece at $19.

Prices are subject to change