This article was published on October 13, 2021

These coding and engineering bundles are only $20 each — and pack loads of hireable knowledge

These coding and engineering bundles are only $20 each — and pack loads of hireable knowledge
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: These programming, mechanical, and electrical engineering bundles can all open new career opportunities for only $20 each. 

Knowledge is power. If you’ve got the motivation to really dig in and learn something new, your opportunities skyrocket.

Case in point — hiring managers say only about 15 percent of job applicants actually have the skills that firms want in their new hire. What that means for the opportunistic go-getter is that learning in areas like coding, mechanical engineering, and more can instantly vault you ahead of more than 8 in 10 other people chasing one of those jobs.

We’ve not only compiled seven ultra-packed bundles full of digital learning skills, but as part of this week’s flash sale, each bundle is available now for just $20. These deals expire in just a few days, but if you get in now, that $20 investment in you could pay off big.

The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle ($20; regularly $4,056) 

If you’re going to learn to code, you might as well learn everything there is to know. While this 27-course, 270-plus hour behemoth training package might not include everything, it comes pretty darn close. From learning programming languages like Python, C#, and JavaScript to deep dives on app development, database management, and even machine learning, this mountain of knowledge can more than get you ready to get working as a web developer.

The Master Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle ($20; regularly $2,594)

Of course, coding is such a massive field with so many routes to success that there are still going to be areas primed for further exploration. This collection of 13 courses covering over 119 hours can further solidify your growing programming skills. Along with courses delving into topics like Ruby on Rails, C++, jQuery, and more, this package also includes hands-on opportunity to build working apps, and even get some first-hand experience in some of the key tenets of data science. 

The 2021 Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle ($20; regularly $1,194)

 With everyone migrating their systems to the cloud, this top-to-bottom primer on creating, managing, and protecting networks on the Microsoft Azure platform is not only interesting, it’s positively vital. Over six courses, students can not only fast-track a career as a cloud developer or administrator, but also prep for exams aimed at earning prime Azure certifications to prove your skills.

The Premium Java Programming Certification Bundle ($20; regularly $1,600)

 After nearly three decades, Java remains so versatile and popular that it’s still one of the top programming languages in the world. With this eight-course package, you’ll understand why. One of the easiest and most powerful coding languages to learn, this training goes from the foundations of Java to how to write clean code to crafting your own algorithms. And once all this deep Java learning is done, there’s also a course packed with interview questions you’ll undoubtedly be asked by employers that can prove your Java mastery.

The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle ($20; regularly $600)

 Smart IT admin is knowing how to automate loads of tedious programming functions that can eat up time and brainpower. Microsoft PowerShell was built with just that task in mind — and this three-course, 11-hour collection can show you how to use PowerShell to automate processes and save hours on your builds. From the basics all the way through the advanced scripting tricks and tools that all the experts use, this training can take users from PowerShell novices to experts in record time. 

The 2021 Raspberry Pi and Arduino Bootcamp Bundle ($20; regularly $995) 

Raspberry Pi and Arduino have become the building blocks of DIY electronics creation everywhere. This bundle of five intensive courses can help users understand the scope of what those open-source single board microcomputers and microcontrollers can really do. Each of these courses is packed with hands-on projects like using a Pi to build a surveillance and alarm system, how Arduino code can power your own traffic light, and how to create, build, run, and debug a robot powered by your own ROS program. 

The Ultimate Electrical Power Engineer Preparation Program Bundle ($20; regularly $1,000)

Nothing runs without power — so this package of five courses gets into understanding power engineering from small household energy feeds to electrical substations powering whole neighborhoods. With more than 43 hours of instruction, learners get deep into electrical circuitry, electrical drawing, powering DC machines, as well as the role of solar energy in powering both on and off-grid systems.

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