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This article was published on June 1, 2018

These books show you the right way to design a website or app for under $20

These books show you the right way to design a website or app for under $20
TNW Deals
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Experts estimate that anywhere from 200 to 300 websites go live every minute. Even though most of those sites will sit alone and unvisited, that’s still enough fresh digital real estate rolling out 24/7/365 that there’s always a need for talented, qualified web designers.

Now, you can get the knowledge to create like a true design pro with a complete Web Design and Front-End eBook bundle for only $19.99. That’s over 75 percent off its regular price from TNW Deals.

In all, you’ll receive your own web design resource library—14 eBooks packed with all manners of training to build virtually anything on the web the right way.

For the web design portion, the collection includes 10 books covering topics like user interface, designing for mobile platforms, and even how to select just the right typefaces to engage and retain users.

Keeping a user happy and satisfied is the key to any site or app’s success, so the Front-End eBook stack features four books focused on enhancing the user experience side of your work. The training will lead you through real world examples to help better understand how your users will utilize your site and avoid frustrating interactions that can turn them off.

If you get in on this deal now with this limited time offer, you can get the entire assortment for just over $1 a book — just $19.99.

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