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This article was published on May 9, 2021

These bone conduction headphones balance top quality audio and safety brilliantly

These bone conduction headphones balance top quality audio and safety brilliantly
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Zulu Exero Bone Conduction Headphones deliver excellent sound quality via bone conduction technology, so you never stop hearing the world around you.

Ever since their explosion into the mainstream in the 1980s, headphones have become an increasingly permanent part of mobile communication, not to mention in consuming your favorite music, podcasts, live streams, and more.

But while their size has continued to shrink over the years, there remained a constant headphone issue that few have been able to address. How do users stay connected to the world around them with a bud wedged into their ear blocking out all sound?

Noise cancellation has been one approach, but that still involved covered ear canals. That’s where bone conducting technology comes in, an almost sci-fi, yet strikingly simple answer to headphone safety for items like these Zulu Exero Bone Conducting Headphones ($34.99, 30 percent off, from NTW Deals).

Rather than blasting sound waves into your eardrum like normal headphones, bone conduction works by using little pads pressed right in front of each ear, surging vibrations directly into the skull and bypassing the eardrum right to the tiny amplifying inner ear bones. 

That produces a sensation of hearing music or other audio just like you would with normal headphones, but without the blockage of earbuds, allowing users to stay safe in the world around them. And they only weigh about an ounce, making it easy to forget you’re wearing them, even if you aren’t listening to anything. They’re also a lot more friendly for those who wear glasses than tradition headphones as well.

The Exero pairs easily with Bluetooth-enabled devices for clear wireless audio streaming at a range of up to more than 30 feet. IPX5-rated for water resistance, these headphones are also great for listening while on the go, whether that’s commuting, running errands, or even working out. 

The Exero comes with a built-in USB rechargeable lithium ion battery to supply up to six hours of playback time on a single charge. It’s also equipped with an on-board mic for making or receiving phone calls or engaging with a voice assistant.

Right now, you can check out the power of bone conduction for yourself with these Zulu Exero Bone Conduction Headphones, a $49 value now on sale at 30 percent off, dropping the final price down to only $34.99.

Prices subject to change.

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