This article was published on December 23, 2011

These are the most beautiful Facebook Timeline cover photos you’ll ever see

These are the most beautiful Facebook Timeline cover photos you’ll ever see

With the introduction of Timeline on Facebook, a new feature that allows you to add a “cover” photo has become all the rage. It’s very MySpace like, in that you can spruce up your profile with pictures of yourself, something you saw on a trip, or perhaps something artistic.

Right now, covers and profile photos are the only way to personalize the visual tone of your Facebook profile, as the rest of the site is pretty uniform looking.

Naturally, people want to impress you with their cover photos, so one site decided to dedicate all of its efforts to finding the most visually stunning pieces of art that you can add to your own Facebook profile. The site is called Fookcover, and it has hand-picks the best of the best.

Cover me

Fookcover has sorted these beautiful cover photos into categories like nature, abstract, urban, and cute. You can even submit your own by emailing them to [email protected]. But be sure to send them a photo with the following dimensions; 851×315 .PNG format.

These are a few of my favorites:

Unfortunately, you have to add the cover photo yourself by downloading it, but that’s probably because Facebook hasn’t exposed the cover photo feature to developers yet. You can however click “Add cover” to share your favorites from Fookcover on your wall.

I imagine that a slew of these sites will pop up, but it looks like the folks behind this one have a keen eye for design and art, and I’m enjoying what they’ve carefully curated so far. I like how the site gives full attribution to the creators, a nice tough to create a budding community around this idea. Hopefully Facebook never allows animated GIFs to be added to your profile though, or it will turn into MySpace. Yikes.


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