This article was published on September 29, 2018

These $50 Bluetooth earbuds are perfect, especially the 60-hours of power reserve on hand

These $50 Bluetooth earbuds are perfect, especially the 60-hours of power reserve on hand
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Now that Bluetooth earbuds are the norm for on-the-go audio, your standard cookie cutter wireless headphones have to bring a little something extra these days to get noticed. In fact, wireless earbuds are now being called upon to check several comfort, ease of use and, of course, performance boxes on their way to must-use status.

Thankfully, the NOVA true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are anything but cookie cutter — and now, you can try ‘em out at almost 40 percent off their retail price, just $49 from TNW Deals.

Any earbuds of any variety are always judged first and foremost on their sound quality — and with rich, crisp Bluetooth 4.1 audio packed into their tiny, unobtrusive profile, the NOVA buds can go head-to-head against all comers.

But once you get past the premium sound is where these NOVA buds truly stand out, offering extra features, cool functions and overall simplicity to match anything else on the market.

When connected, the slick one-touch controls can bounce you between streamed music or audio and a phone call with ease.

And if you’ve ever experienced that low battery warning at an inopportune moment, NOVA buds can actually offer you an additional 60 hours whenever you need it. With the accompanying (and ultra-compact) charging case, you can carry an extra two-plus days worth of juice before you’ve got to plug in again.

That isn’t the only trick for the charging case either. It’s built to power up other devices as well, so you’ll always have a backup energy reserve for your phone, tablet or other piece of tech in case of a charging emergency.

A $79 value, you can chop $30 off your NOVA earbuds with this current limited time offer, a 37 percent discount that takes your price down to only $49.

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