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This article was published on October 19, 2011

The UK, USA and India are best buddies…at least on Facebook [Infographic]

The UK, USA and India are best buddies…at least on Facebook [Infographic]

Guess what the Americans and the British on Facebook have in common? That they are both friends with a lot of people from India. So says the data collected from 225,000 people by Western Union’s Your World app since launching in July this year.

Among Facebook users in the United Kingdom, 11% of their friends belong to India, averaging out at 34 friends per person. By comparison, they only have 26 American friends per person, so it seems to suggest that the British have more in common with their counterparts in Asia than in North America. Similarly, 10.2% of American users’ friends hail from India, while only 3.8% of them live in the UK.

Perhaps it is indicative of the fact that both the American and British people have business ties with folks in India, which often takes the form of a Facebook friendship. It also may just be that Indian citizens are more likely to choose one of these two countries for higher-level studies and jobs, which results in the forming of a lot of transcontinental Facebook connections.

Whatever it may be, it sure is interesting that the UK and USA have more of a Facebook friendship with India than they do each other, specially in light of the fact that they are both highly developed English-speaking countries and 9% of the entire U.S. population reports having an English ancestry.