This article was published on July 1, 2015

The top TNW Deals from the past month: Grab them while you can!

The top TNW Deals from the past month: Grab them while you can!
TNW Deals
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Don’t miss out on the most popular TNW Deals from the month of June!

Pay what you want: Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle

To turn an idea into an App Store best-seller requires coding skill. The Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle teaches you native app development from scratch, and you can pay whatever you like for it.

It comprises 10 courses, which show you how to start making apps for iOS, Android and HTML5. It starts with beginner tuition for all three platforms, including how to use Apple’s efficient Swift programming language, and how to optimize your Android apps for Lollipop 5.0.

With the fundamentals out of the way, you can then learn to build games with Unity 3D, and convert any WordPress site into a native app. There are also tracks on designing for the best possible user experience, and for monetizing your apps with advertising or in-app purchases.

You can pay whatever you like to get the first two courses in the bundle; to get the rest of the courses, you simply need to beat the average price – check it out at TNW Deals.

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Interactive Coding Bootcamp


The ability to code is one of the most valuable and sought-after skills around, with professionals earning salaries upwards of $75,000. If it appeals to you as a vocation, then you should check out the Interactive Coding Bootcamp, which readies you for the world of development work, and it currently has 92 percent off over at TNW Deals.

The curriculum totals more than 33 hours of video content, and it teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, front-end frameworks, databases, e-commerce, Git, and more, from the ground up. The tuition includes live screen sharing sessions with your tutor, and it is geared toward helping you to build a killer portfolio of working apps.

Many of the videos come from big names, such as Harvard and Stanford, and you also receive a reference e-book that focuses on how you can find work as a full-time developer.

If you have been thinking about a change of career, this is a great way into a dynamic, creative field. Order the Bootcamp for $39 to get started.

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70% off a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited – just $39!

If you want to stay safe from hackers and identity thieves on the Web, it’s important to secure your online activity. VPN Unlimited makes it easy to encrypt your traffic and browse anonymously on all your devices.

That’s not all — with VPN Unlimited, you don’t have to worry about compromising on bandwidth or speed. The service gives you easy access to its high-speed servers around the globe, from your mobile devices or desktops.

With VPN Unlimited, your traffic is completely safe from prying eyes. Order a lifetime subscription for use on up to five devices at a whopping 70 percent off, for just $39 from TNW Deals! Sign up now, and secure your online activity forever.

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94% off the Learn to Code 2015 Course Bundle


Ready to begin coding your own apps from scratch? Whether you want to experiment with an idea or give your career a boost, our latest training bundle is perfect for getting started with programming.

Learn to prototype and build dynamic, responsive websites for desktops and mobile devices using core technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and more. Build powerful apps with Python and Ruby on Rails. And finally, deploy them on the Web using Node.js and Heroku.

With eight courses spanning more than 70 hours of quality tutorials, The Learn to Code 2015 Course Bundle from Udemy is a must-have for budding programmers. Order it now for just $59 from TNW Deals, and get unlimited access to watch and learn at your own pace.

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iCollege IT Security & Management Bundle

With so much data online, security expertise is in demand. This bundle of iCollege courses teaches these skills, and fully prepares you to take four industry-recognized exams.

The instruction is based around professional qualifications, so it is not only about the basic principles of security, but also how to put them into practice in the real world. This includes content on managing secure databases and infrastructure, along with cryptography, and systems to help with avoiding human error.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.33.07 PM

The courses work towards ITIL, CISA, CompTIA and CISSP certification — all of which should catch the eye of potential employers — with exam simulations, tips, and case studies. Plus, you get two years of access, so you can take your time.

If you would like to upgrade your security knowledge, order the bundle for $59 from TNW Deals to get instant access to the content.

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