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This article was published on June 29, 2011

    The Social Media ProBook: Vital knowledge for your social strategy

    The Social Media ProBook: Vital knowledge for your social strategy

    Handling your company’s social presence is far from something to be taken lightly. We’ve seen stories, time and again, about how social media can help to make or break a business, so needless to say that we’re far beyond the point where it needs to start being a concern.

    So how do you go about handling social from the corporate perspective? There’s certainly not a rulebook, set in stone. Fortunately, thanks to the kind folks at Eloqua and JESS3, there is the ProBook.

    Think of the Social Media ProBook as a guide to the who, where, how and why of social. From guides to how PR people should think about social, to writing for Facebook and organizing your company from the inside out, the ProBook offers sage advice from some of the best in the business.

    The ProBook opens with some thoughts by Steve Rubel, moves into an overview of the current landscape by JESS3’s Jesse Thomas and includes guidance from Sarah Evans, David Armano and more.

    In short, it’s a positively golden resource for any company. Want to get your hands onto it? You can download it here. Of course, feel free to browse through the SlideShare version below if you have a fear of bandwidth commitment.

    The Social Media ProBook
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