This article was published on February 26, 2021

The skills to turn you into a true backend web developer are right here for under $30

The skills to turn you into a true backend web developer are right here for under $30
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Backend Developer Bootcamp Bundle includes five courses cover C#, APIs, SQL, object-oriented programming and other core skills in creating your own awesome web apps.

Front-end development gets all the press. It’s the forward-facing, sexy part of web design that gets people talking. All those colors and sleek navigation menus and other whiz-bang features of a web page or app are eye catching and instantly garner the lion’s share of attention.

But oh, don’t forget about that unassuming back-end developer. Because once you scratch the surface sheen of a new digital creation, it’s the true functionality and built-in abilities of that project that will almost always ultimately decide if it’s a success or a failure.

And knowing how to build the back end on an intricate web project? That’s where the true engineers roll up their sleeves and really dive in. The training in the Backend Developer Bootcamp Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) is a crash course toward being a web creator that truly deserves the title.

This five course collection is more than 30 hours of training in some of the bedrock web development behind-the-scenes knowledge that serves as the true driving engine behind all the coolest web apps and experiences.

First, Learn C# By Building Applications and Master C# and SQL by Building Applications explore the fundamentals of the C# programming language and its key role in developing games, mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps. With this coursework, users learn to write full programs in C#, using clean code that makes the work immediately more elegant, readable and respectable.

Next, Beginner Object Oriented Programming in C# and .NET Core takes that learning to the next stage. By learning OOP, builders get a wider, more objective view of their builds, as well as devise approaches for solving app problems.

Then, Learn ASP.NET Core and SQL by Writing ToDo API lets users actually start creating their own API, the digital gateway between an app and its data. And with Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Course for Beginners, students get a closer look at the databases that store and serve that information, as well as the query language behind that process.

The programming nitty-gritty in The Backend Developer Bootcamp Bundle can instantly make you an invaluable asset in any web creation project. For just $29.99, these courses are a small monetary investment in a whole wealth of web development knowledge.

Prices are subject to change.

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