This article was published on May 21, 2021

The PocketGuitar is the way to becoming a guitar god even when you don’t have your guitar

The PocketGuitar is the way to becoming a guitar god even when you don’t have your guitar
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TLDR: The PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar is like playing and practicing on a real guitar…but without the guitar.

If you’re ready to learn to play the guitar, you know it won’t just happen overnight. In fact, it won’t just happen, period. It’ll only happen with lots and lots and lots of hard work.

Experts suggest young players practice a bare minimum of 15 minutes each day. Hub Guitar estimates that to become a competent rhythm guitar player, you’ll need to spend over 600 hours playing, or the equivalent of about 6 months of practicing around 4 hours a day. To become an expert, someone who doesn’t just play the right notes, but can actually shred like an absolute guitar god, you’re talking several years of 3-4 hours per day to attain that mastery.

Forget how many hours of playing that means. Just consider for a second everywhere you have to tote that freakin’ guitar to get all the practice hours in to get that good. Logistics alone is a total nightmare.

Thankfully, the PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar ($34.95, 12 percent off, from TNW Deals) can take that concern right off the table, offering a learning experience that’s basically like practicing and playing on an air guitar that really sounds like the real thing.

The PocketGuitar itself is about the size of a guitar pick, but when it’s synced to your phone and the AeroBand app, it turns the whole package into a realistic-sounding guitar. Your right hand strums the strings, while your left hand changes chords on your phone, replicating the mechanics of a real physical guitar in your hands through the use of artificial intelligence.

And this isn’t just button pressing here. The PocketGuitar responds like an actual instrument, vibrating and matching the intensity of the playing with the real-world sounds you’d be making. 

For young players, they can attack learning guitar from a variety of directions, from learning actual songs to improv playing to even turning lessons into a game by challenging their talents or even friends who play. The PocketGuitar is also well suited for old hands as well, offering a convenient way to either keep skills on point or as a perfect compliment to songwriting.

The app pairs to earbuds or headphones, so players can jam out in virtual silence, and the PocketGuitar also works as a foot sensor with AeroBand’s other cool music tech device, the PocketDrum. 

Regularly $40, you can get serious about playing with the PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar and save over 10 percent off the price, dropping your final cost to only $34.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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