This article was published on March 13, 2012

The new Google+ album organizer makes photo management simpler

The new Google+ album organizer makes photo management simpler

If you’ve ever uploaded a ton of photos to a service like Facebook, Flickr, or even Google+ itself, you know that the more you upload, the harder they get to manage. Some photos end up being placed in the wrong album or as time passes you’d like to duplicate them in another album or move them there permanently.

To allow those easy changes, the Google+ team has announced the launch of its new album organizer which lets you move photos from album to album or just change the order that they’re in for when your friends and family go to check them out.

Here’s what the team had to say about it today:

Rearranging photos and moving them between albums are two of our top feature requests. Today, we’re excited to launch an album organizer so you can better tell the story of your photos.

To get started, open one of your albums and select Organize album from the Options menu.

Once you’ve entered “organize” mode within a photo album, you can sort photos by time, drag and drop them to create your own order, move or copy photos to another album, or delete a group of photos at once:

Google+ Photos, which has replaced Picasa on the web (Picasa still exists as the desktop client to manage photos on Google+), is one of the services most used features.

For photographers, which seems to be a huge niche of users on Google+, uploading hundreds of photos and sorting them is a pain. The album organizer serves some of their needs by letting them manipulate many photos to create other albums to present them to their followers.

The feature is being rolled out to all users and may take until the end of the day to reach the entire userbase but keep an eye out for it. This is just one change that the Google+ team has announced today, the other being Google Docs integration with Hangouts.