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This article was published on April 30, 2015

The most sought-after startup jobs: Revealed

The most sought-after startup jobs: Revealed
Chuk Ikeh
Story by

Chuk Ikeh

Chuk Ikéh is Head of Content at Tyba. Chuk Ikéh is Head of Content at Tyba.

Startups need to hire the right talent to help steer towards success. They tend to offer a laid-back, dynamic environment, where you can improve, develop, and be a part of something special.

We’ve taken a look at the hottest startup jobs to see which are some of the most sought after roles in startups across Europe, based on those that have solicited the most applications to date.

1. Business Development (18.47% Application Rate)
This person is usually responsible for creating long-term value for the company. Networking is their middle name, it’s all about client acquisition and retention. They feel most comfortable when interacting with others and creating relationships that bloom into opportunities for growth.

Can often be found networking, reaching out to leads, advertising or engaging in activities that attract prospective clients. Sitting behind a desk all day isn’t their natural habitat, they’d much rather prefer being on the move, visiting clients, meeting for lunch and attending networking events.

Education: Bachelors in business, sales or marketing

2. Online Marketing (18.13%)

This person is usually responsible for the creation of rich, effective and concise online content. Not only is this person responsible for the social streams on Facebook or Twitter, but they’re also in charge of online campaigns, content distribution and creative advertising.

Can often be found exploring trends, developing strategies and executing campaigns. They play a leading role in establishing an effective presence on social media sites, driving traffic and monitoring the company’s online presence.

Education: Bachelors in marketing, design or digital media

3. Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA) (13.09%)

This person wrangles data into actionable insights. They are very performance driven and thorough testers, figuring out market and business trends that will increase reach, conversions and overall performance.

Can often be found crunching numbers and tracking key performance indicators. They’re able to predict upcoming opportunities and ways to exploit them for the company by analyzing big chunks of data.

Education: Bachelors in business, computer science, IT or statistics.

4. Sales Agents (10.57%)

This person is about getting things done when it comes to selling the company’s products or services and creating/maintaining relationships with clients.

Can often be found on the frontlines of sales outreach, calling leads, coordinating between clients and company staff and representing the company personally.

Education: Bachelors in business, sales or marketing

5. Customer Service (9.7%)

This person is usually responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Can often be found tackling incoming comments, suggestions and complaints. Whether it’s face to face, by phone, e-mail or IM, customer service reps are in charge of providing all the help, tips and advice to users and customers.

Education: Bachelors in business, management or communications

6. Front End Engineer (5.96%)

This person is usually responsible for how a website looks and feels, on a more technical level. Front End Devs work with designers to implement new page designs, features and various other elements. It is up to the Front End Dev to make sure the website performs well within the browser of the user. They’re directly responsible for turning design ideas and concepts into usable web pages.

Can often be found arguing about version 2 of AngularJS and whether or not jQuery is too powerful.

Education: Computer Science, Multimedia Design, or Media Technology

7. Back End Engineer (5.29%)

Backend developers are the very backbone of modern web applications. They create the models, classes and databases needed to process, store and deliver information to the front-end. They are responsible for creating efficient data structures and access points that can be used to present information to all the users.

You’ll often find a backend dev refactoring huge functions and avoiding having to write proper documentation.

Education: Computer Science, IT, or Media Technology

8. Full Stack Engineer (4.22%)

A full-stack engineer is like the Jack of all software development trades, boasting a savoir-faire in pretty much all technical layers of the product cake.

You’ll find them giving their two cents and some change when it comes to servers, networks and hosting environments, databases, API interaction and anything to do with front-end tech, like jQuery, CSS animations and silky-smooth SVG’s. They are very valuable when it comes to bridging the front-end with the back-end and coming to technical conclusions that everyone can be happy with.

These days, you can pretty much always count on a full-stacker to be able to design, code and implement a completely interactive, and working website all by his or herself.


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