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This article was published on June 22, 2010

The Most And Least Liked Facebook Pages

The Most And Least Liked Facebook Pages

The chances are that you help manage at least one Facebook page. As you well know, unless your page is something decidedly mainstream, it is difficult to get people excited about it. Getting the masses to click the ‘Like’ button is not as simple as anyone would like.

According to data harvested by Hubspot, certain Facebook pages are much more likely to be popular than others based on their genre. On the flip side, some pages are nearly cursed from the get go to be ghost towns due to their subject matter.

On the popular end of the stick, the largest Facebook pages center around media. Topping the list of most liked pages are movies, television shows, books, and bands. No real surprise there, but what is striking is the rapid fall of the average popularity of a page once you move away from the three most liked genres.

On the negative side, the least liked Facebook page topics are decidedly mundane: activities, local businesses, non-celebrity musicians, auto dealers, and home services. The things that you use because something is broken or you are stuck far away from the bright lights of a real city. Where do the pages that you manage fit into the hot and not columns? Take a look:

There is always room for breakout pages to buck the trend and become extremely popular despite being of a topic that most people find bland, but it is an uphill battle. If you started a page that was about a movie, on the writing of a book, about a famous band, you may have the most potentially popular Facebook page of all time.