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This article was published on October 7, 2008

    The list of Finnish Startups

    The list of Finnish Startups
    Timo Paloheimo
    Story by

    Timo Paloheimo

    Timo is an advertising agency online creative/planner with marketing and business background. He focuses on digital marketing communications Timo is an advertising agency online creative/planner with marketing and business background. He focuses on digital marketing communications. He blog Startupbin is about the web and startups, from Finland.

    Ever since I started blogging about Finnish startups about a year ago, I’ve wanted to get my hands on a list of all of them. That obviously didn’t exist, so I had to compile it myself. I’ve compiled the list from various sources, mainly my own blog and Arctic Startup. At this point the list should contain most of the Finnish web startups, but I must have missed a few. Should you know a company missing from the list, please let me know in the comments.

    It was quite hard to categorize all of the startups as many seem to fall into several categories. As you can see from the list, there are a lot of startups in the Social media, gaming and mobile categories. There is a nice variety in the startups and it’s great that they have managed to find some unique ideas.

    The List of Finnish Web Startups

    Social Networking

    Social Networking, Travel

    • Dopplr – Share your business travel plans
    • Tripsay -Travel information organizer

    Social recommendation services

    Creating and sharing media

    • -Create & share funny picture messages in web or using your mobile phone
    • Floobs -Build you own online tv-channel
    • Innofile -Online file transfer service
    • Mahshelf -YouTube for comics/books
    • Moogo -Easy creation of web sites. By Ideakone
    • MySites -Online desktop for multimedia


    • Fruugo -Trusted 3rd party of E-Business
    • Leads House -Sales leads community
    • MyCashFlow -Easy to use web shop software
    • Norfello -E-invoicing ( and web-based sending of letters (
    • Timalaya -Social shopping space. By Gemilo



    • Blyk -free mobile phone network
    • HappyWakeUp -Smart alarm clock on mobile phone
    • JoikuSpot -Turns your phone to a mobile WLAN HotSpot
    • Kuneri -Mobile software based on Flash Lite
    • Senseg -Touch interface technology
    • Whatamap -Mobilize your maps

    Personal tools

    • NewsToScreen -News and ads delivered via a screensaver
    • One did it -Test your consumption of natural resources, share the results and reduce it with simple, easy actions
    • Scred -Community-oriented cost balancing tool
    • SoftColor -Online image processing
    • WOT -Free web security browser add-on

    Business tools

    • Lumo Flow -Social Workspaces
    • Numcore -Online monitoring and controlling instruments for the process industry
    • Oindex -Public listing of web sites’ analytics data
    • Rate Cards -Helps online and print publishers and advertisers find each other

    Development services

    • HammerKit -Web-based development platform
    • nCore -Embedded localisation and user interface products
    • VerticeTree -Innovative platforms and applications for the internet and mobile devices
    • Zipipop -Develops web-based services for making everyday life easier.