This article was published on May 27, 2011

The importance of Facebook profile photos [Infographic]

The importance of Facebook profile photos [Infographic]

Just how important are Facebook profile photos? Very, it seems.

Social photo app startup Pixable has pulled together this infographic showing (among other things) that every year we’re changing our profile photos more often. The number of profile photos posted per user has tripled since 2006, while the average Facebook account has 26 profile photos.

How did the company collate this information? “We took a random sample from our 500,000+ userbase,” explains Pixable’s Director of Marketing, Loren Appin.

“When users connect to Photofeed (Pixable’s app), our system has access to all Facebook photo related information, and this allowed us to run different analytics queries specifically around profile photo uploads. We compiled interesting sets of data around factors such as: photo upload dates and frequency, likes, comments, gender, age, volume of photos.”