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This article was published on October 17, 2011

The Grammy Awards’ CMO details its social media strategy at Pivot Con

The Grammy Awards’ CMO details its social media strategy at Pivot Con

Today at Brian Solis’ Pivot Conference in New York City, we took a look at social media’s impact on the music industry. Hope Frank, the CMO of Webtrends was joined on stage by Evan Green, the CMO of The Grammy Awards, Raul Penaranda, a Fashion Designer and Jeanniey Mullen, the CMO of Zinio & Viv Magazine to discuss social media rockstars and how to harness fan enthusiasm to generate buzz on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The panel titled “Genius and the Age of Enlightenment.”

As Chief Marketing Officer of The Recording Academy, Green oversees marketing, licensing, sponsorship and overall strategy for music’s biggest brand, The Grammy Awards. For the 52nd Grammy Awards, Green built a campaign around fans, which helped Lady Gaga, the social media maven to literally break the counter on YouTube. Why? “What makes a celebrity powerful?” he asked. “Fans. Fans make artists celebrities. Not only are consumers fans of artists, but artists are fans of other artists.”

With social deeply ingrained into the company’s DNA, Green said The Grammy Awards used Facebook and Twitter to become more relevant and credible. “Facebook allows us to have a two-way, respectful dialogue about our ecosystem…who we are, what we do and what the record academy stands for,” he said. “It’s all about two things- discovery and community…The more unique information we can feed into our social ecosystem creates a deeper level of alignment with our fans.”