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This article was published on November 18, 2020

The FITT360 is the hands-free 4K 360 degree camera that lets you experience and capture life at the same time

The FITT360 is the hands-free 4K 360 degree camera that lets you experience and capture life at the same time
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TLDR: The FITT360 neckband camera is a hands-free cam that shoots 4K quality, 360-degree video of everything happening around you.

If you enjoy live streaming your adventures or shooting quick social media videos or just documenting life happening around you, you quickly learn how often you get in the way.

Yeah…you. If you try to shoot video with a phone in your hand without the benefit of a mount or any help, you invariably split your focus between what you’re shooting on your screen and moving in the real world, like not tripping over curbs or running into doors.

And as you likely know, that’s actually harder to pull off well than it sounds.

The FITT360 takes the camera right out of your hands and puts it on the world’s first neckband style wearable camera that shoots a full 360 degrees. 

The FITT360 Hands-Free Neckband Camera just drapes around your neck, almost like a pair of headphones you aren’t listening to — and it doesn’t weigh much more than that either. But inside the compact neckband, three full high definition cameras are standing by, two in the back and one in the front, all shooting up to 4K quality video of everything happening around you.

When it’s synced to the free FITT360 app, you can start and stop recording with the touch of a button…then just do your thing. Walk, explore, engage, all the while, the FITT360 captures footage to its roomy 192GB of internal and external storage. From playing with the kids to cycling or hiking to walking down city streets, you’ll forget you’ve got a camera rolling at it records your life happening in 360 degrees.

Through the app, you can easily stitch all three cameras together, even minimizing shakes and other imperfections into full VR-ready clips.

In addition to support for livestreaming, the FITT360 also has embedded GPS for location tracking and video mapping — and when you aren’t recording, you can even use it as a normal Bluetooth headset to listen to music or make and receive phone calls.

The ultra-cool FITT360 Hands-Free Neckband Camera retails for $599, but in addition to $100 off, you can take an extra 15 percent off when you use the coupon code SAVE15NOV during checkout. That drops your final price all the way down to only $416.50. In addition to basic black, you can also pick up a FITT360 in gold, red, and silver variants.

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