This article was published on June 2, 2015

Facebook AI research hits Europe with new Paris team

Facebook AI research hits Europe with new Paris team

Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) research has expanded to Europe. The company has just announced that it’s starting a team based in Paris to work alongside existing efforts at its Menlo Park and New York offices.

The AI team in France will work on the same kind of projects – including image recognition, natural language processing and speech recognition – as their colleagues in the US.

In the post announcing the move, Facebook says it hopes that the “research will ultimately help…make services like News Feed, photos and search better” and that Paris was chosen because it is “home to some of the best researchers in the world.”

While Facebook notes that its AI research is still at a “relatively early” stage, it open sourced a set of deep learning tools earlier this year.

Introducing Facebook AI Research Paris [Facebook Newsroom]

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