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This article was published on June 18, 2021

The Copernicus Mini Drone slices through the air — and you decide whether a camera is worth it

The Copernicus Mini Drone slices through the air — and you decide whether a camera is worth it
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TLDR: The Copernicus Mini Drone doesn’t just come with a load of abilities. It even lets you choose the type of camera you’ll be rocking on board.

Have you seen the new video chronicling the final minutes of a drone before it’s swallowed by lava gushing out of a Icelandic volcano? Beyond watching the majestic power of lava gurgle and surge before snaring the poor drone in its deathgrip, it’s easy to forget that a shot like this wouldn’t even have been safely possible just a few years ago.

Drones and those powerful cameras they carry skyward are capable of capturing everything from truly awe-inspiring shoots all the way to the simple and mundane.

Of course, not everybody is a Terrence Malick in the making, so whether you’re interested in filming gorgeous panoramic vistas or you just want to shut up and fly, you can pick the variety of Copernicus Mini Drone that best suits your needs. As part of TNW Deals’ Father’s Day Sale, the Copernicus is available now, starting at just $29.56.

Before you even consider the camera possibilities, it’s good to know the Copernicus is fundamentally a rock-solid flying drone at heart.

With one-touch takeoff and landing capabilities, this craft is easy to get in the air. Measuring less than 5 inches across and light as a feather, the Copernicus folds up for easy storage. But as soon as its wings are opened, it’s ready to fly.

The craft can be controlled via a companion app, which connects to the included controller to offer easy flying almost immediately. The Copernicus has some cool features you won’t find in any more expensive drones, including an air pressure fixed altitude hover that accurately locks in the altitude and flight position to serve up the most stable video shot possible.  

There’s also a gravity sensor to help control the drone yourself without any shaking. 

As for the images…well, that’s where you make the decision. Each pilot can decide the camera equipment that works best for them, ranging from the baseline drone with no camera, to a cam with 480p resolution, a 1080p full HD quality version, or one rocking an ultra-sharp 4K camera that can spot the detail in almost anything, even from high in the sky.

But regardless of which model you want, all versions of the Copernicus Mini Drone are on sale now by using the code WELOVEDAD during checkout. That cuts the price of the drone with no camera to $29.56, the 480p Copernicus drone at $42.36, the 1080p for $47.96, or the brilliant 4K model for only $59.96.

Prices are subject to change.

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