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This article was published on March 13, 2015

The Coding Language Course Roundup

The Coding Language Course Roundup
TNW Deals
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Whether you’re a first-time coder or a seasoned programmer, we’ve got several great courses on coding languages for you to learn and improve your skills with. Follow along with our quality tutorials at your own pace, and

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Java Developer Course Bundle

Whether you want to build apps for the Web, desktop, Android devices or for Internet of Things-enabled gadgets, Java is a great choice. It’s a powerful object-oriented language that’s easy to learn, write, debug and use.

The six included courses pack over 71 Hours of tutorials to take you through the basics of Java programming, as well as the Java Swing user interface toolkit, Android app development, website building and a whole lot more — all for just $39!

Get it Build Your Dream Apps with Ruby on Rails: 2-Yr Subscription


Ruby on Rails is a great choice for first-timers: thanks to a simple code structure, it’s beginner-friendly, quick to build with and has a thriving community that actively contributes reusable code and encourages others to learn.

Plus, Ruby on Rails covers both the front-end and back-end, which means that you can build completely functional apps and sites, instead of covering only one aspect of a project. has 120 hours of courses for you to learn from at your own pace, along with a range of practice apps for you to train on. Whether you want to build a social network, an online marketplace or a project management tool, there’s never been a better way to learn to do so from scratch.

Kickstart your journey into the world of programming with Ruby on Rails for just $49!

The Linux Learner Bundle

Want an operating system that plays by your rules? Linux is open, flexible and infinitely customizable, and is a great choice for those who like to tinker and set up their PCs just so.

The Linux Learner Bundle will help you tame your OS, install and run servers, and secure your network with over 50 hours of beginner-friendly training. You’ll also be able to prepare for LPIC 1 Exams and learn everything you need to become an Igneus Certified Pentester.

Dive deep into Linux for only $49!

The Pure Python Hacker Bundle

Python is known and respected by programmers and software companies for its capabilities and flexibility — but it’s also easy to learn, and fun too!


Packed with 7 courses and over 52 hours of Python tutorials, this bundle will help you grasp the fundamentals of programming with Python, understand the basics of Bash scripting, hone your skills developing projects, and learn techniques from experts to ship clean, efficient code.

Get to grips with Python for only $49!

The HTML5 & CSS3 Developer Course Bundle

Craft gorgeous websites from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3. With these essential front-end languages under your belt, you can build beautiful user experiences for sites and apps that are suitable for desktop and mobile users.

The bundle’s seven included courses will help you master HTML and CSS, and teach you advanced techniques like use geolocation, local storage, Web workers for offline apps and more. You’ll also learn to work with Photoshop mockups and hand-code them into functional sites, tackle basic JavaScript and even animate graphics with CSS.

Become a front-end pro for only $49!

Lifetime Subscription to iOSOnlineCourses’ iOS & Xcode Developer Training

iOSOnlineCourses has helped more than 15,000 budding programmers bring their ideas to life with quality tutorials for every skill level — and now it’s your turn to make waves in the App Store.


iOSOnlineCourses has over 720 video lectures to take you through the ins and outs of coding in Swift, Objective-C, and building with WatchKit from scratch, so you can create apps and games for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

And that’s not all — you’ll also learn to monetize and market your apps, and get tips from expert developers whose apps have repeatedly broken into the App Store’s top 10 list.

Learn to build amazing apps for the Apple ecosystem, for just $99!

The Bootstrap Beginner Developer Bundle

If you want to build sites and apps that work flawlessly, load fast and look great, look no further than Bootstrap. This intuitive framework includes everything you need to create beautiful responsive Web projects easily.

The Bootstrap Beginner Developer Bundle will take you through every feature Bootstrap has to offer — from grid-based design to using LESS source files — and have you coding responsive sites in HTML5 and CSS3 in no time.

Begin building with Bootstrap for just $39!

The Newbie to Node Developer Course Bundle

If you’re serious about building scalable Web apps, Node.js makes it easy. This fast, efficient platform is perfect for data-intensive real-time apps that run across distributed devices.

This Node course bundle is great for beginners who want to get started building apps. Begin with the fundamentals, get to grips with JavaScript, and learn to deploy your apps to the cloud with Node.js, MongoDB and Express.js like a pro.

Get access to all six courses spanning nearly 30 hours of tutorials and become a Node.js ninja for just $39!

All About AngularJS Course Bundle

Angular.js is an incredible structural front-end framework for building dynamic Web apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s also easy to test so you can launch professional projects every time.

This essential course bundle will take you through the basics of Angular.js as well as key JavaScript concepts, so you can quickly build single-page applications. Then, learn to connect your app to the cloud and expand it with services, factories and modules.

Get all five courses with nearly 20 hours of training for only $29!