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This article was published on February 21, 2017

The best, most creative newsletters by designers for designers

The best, most creative newsletters by designers for designers
Veselina Gerova
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Veselina Gerova

Veselina is content manager for Dutch personal newsletter tool Revue. She reads an average of 8.3 personal newsletters per day for inspirati Veselina is content manager for Dutch personal newsletter tool Revue. She reads an average of 8.3 personal newsletters per day for inspiration and knows how to make a mean Mojito.

This week we’ve decided to curate some of the coolest design newsletters with unique concepts. People in the design industry tend to be hungry to learn more and develop their skills, so the personal digests below are a great way to do that while staying updated on the latest news in the vast world of design, UX, products and other beautiful things. If you happen to be a designer, developer or just interested in the field, read on!


This is one of the biggest and most popular digests about UX out there! It has more than 17,000 subscribers for a reason. In every issue, you can find the best articles about UX that will keep you updated on what’s happening in the field. Also, there’s a section designated to help the readers with some tools and resources on the topic. In each issue a designer’s portfolio is presented so you can check out what other designers are up to and get inspired by their work. An essential part of the digest is where you get to regularly be in-the-know about open positions that are up for grabs in the industry. I particularly enjoy the cool and engaging stories at the end of each issue.

2. Sketchnote Army

Sketchnote Army has an extremely cool concept. Do you like to doodle? Or do you like to look at other people’s doodles? Yes, I realize that doodle is a funny word and yes, for some reason that last question sounded a bit suggestive. Well, in any case if you’re into scribbling or the art of it all in general, you’re in luck. Mike Rohde is dedicated to finding and showcasing sketchnotes and sketchnoters from around the world, from events, conferences, workshops or wherever sketchnotes are captured or created.

3. Bringing the Donuts

Ken Norton, a Google Ventures partner, curates this one of a kind digest on a regular basis. I hate to break it to some of you, but this newsletter doesn’t have anything to do with donuts or sweets. The main topic is product management, which tends to be quite valuable coming from such an experienced professional. Ken also provides his readers with tons of on-point advice or suggestions on various topics like life lessons, work culture, entrepreneurship and good reads in general. The cherry on top for all you product obsessed people who have made a career out of your passion, is the list of product jobs in some of the most awesome companies. A great way to keep your eyes open for your next possible work adventure!

4. Hack Design

Being subscribed to Hack Design is pretty much like receiving a design lesson straight to your inbox every week by a different design professional. Talk about value! This digest might be more practical than an average design course and it just might even save you a few bucks. At the very least, you’ll build on your already existing knowledge on the topic. Some of the previous themes they’ve covered are responsive web design, vector interface design, mechanics of iconography and many others! If you think about it, it really is “hacking” design.

5. Desk of Tobias van Schneider

Tobias is an absolute pro in the industry. He’s an award-winning designer who has previously worked with companies such as Google, BMW, Red Bull, Sony, Spotify and many others. When it comes to his digest, it truly is one of the most personal and valuable design newsletters out there. Every Sunday he sends out a new issue in which you can find articles he hasn’t shared anywhere else, updates on his projects, insights, reading recommendations and everything in-between. The nature of Tobias’s digest is always very educational, valuable and even inspirational at times. His newsletter holds an undeniable appeal even to non-designers, much like myself, due to the personal experiences and stories he shares from his work as well as life all together.

6. The Smashing Newsletter

This digest is curated by the talented people at Smashing Magazine. Every issue is quite extensive and focused on various bits and pieces from the design world. The Smashing Newsletter is packed with useful tips and valuable resources for designers and developers. It goes out twice a month and even though it’s an editorial newsletter, it feels super personal. Different topics are usually divided into separate sections dedicated and presented with cool visuals and exciting links. Definitely a must-read if you’re part of the industry and you’d like to stay up to date on latest trends, news or simply want to improve your skills!

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This personal newsletter digest is curated by Revue, a newsletter service that recently launched Discover, a highly curated directory of personal newsletters. Check out the previous edition, a list of newsletters by women for women, here.

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