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This article was published on October 25, 2010

The 25 Largest Brand Facebook Pages With Most Likes

The 25 Largest Brand Facebook Pages With Most Likes

Facebook just keeps growing as one of the most important platforms on the web for brands to engage with and with that in mind we thought we would share the 25 biggest Facebook pages belonging to brands. The list includes brands only and doesn’t include pages belonging to applications or celebrities. You’ll recognize the biggest brands on the list and to a large extent you would expect that most of their numbers are coming through pure advertising although there are some that don’t even seem to be actively pushing their pages and the growth has been largely pushed by fans (lucky them!). I’ve pretty much left tons of music bands, TV shows and pages that would probably grow organically without the need for advertising and focused on brands and businesses that are engaging through Facebook as a key marketing strategy.

Starbucks (16,032,409)

Always a high profile brand on the world stage Starbucks were never slow to embrace this medium and have excelled on Facebook with innovative campaigns and a large amount of engagement with their loyal customers.

Coca Cola (15,095,389)

The masters of branding were actually slow to market with 2 fans setting up their Facebook page for them before the world’s biggest soft drinks brand took it over from them leaving them with control of the page. Lots of great innovation and smart campaigns here as you would expect. Page

Oreo (12,085,126)

These tasty biscuits have a bit of a cult following all over the world and their Facebook page is no different with some seriously impressive numbers. Constantly changing engagement applications as well as lots of user generated content keep this an exciting place for fans to engage with the brand. Page

Skittles (11,508,441)

Skittles were early movers in the social media game (you may remember them changing their home page to Twitter stream) and their Facebook page is no different with huge engagement and interaction around this colorful brand. Page

Red Bull (10,198,875)

Another of the worldwide masters at branding Red Bull have leveraged Facebook in a number of smart ways including as a platform to show off the huge range of alternative sports that they sponsor. Never a page short of content or engagement with fans.

Victoria’s Secret (8,429,334)

Hard to tell if this page would be more popular with the guys checking out the models or for girls trying to find the latest lingerie. Either way there is lots of content including the ability to see the latest ranges as well as interactive content including Ustream live streaming. Page

Disney (8,394,141)

One of the most impressive features here is a counter that shows nearly 70 millions likes across the various Disney pages on Facebook as a platform. Great interaction among fans as well as a mixture of looking at classic Disney content and looking forward to new releases. Page

Converse All Star (7,366,892)

One of the most iconic brands in the world has not been slow to tap in to Facebook and encourages it’s loyal fans to share content and engage with the brand with some interactive apps. Page

iTunes (7,071,721)

I left plenty of other technology apps, TV shows, bands and movies off the list but included one of the other most important platforms on the web in the list. iTunes keeps you up to date with latest releases and profiles acts with new content and given their huge following here it must often convert directly in to huge amounts of sales. Page

MTV (7,043,056)

The ultimate youth brand has been close to Facebook since the early days (It tried to buy Facebook a couple of times in the early days) and their content is a perfect fit for a Facebook page that has a loyal and engaged following.

Zara (6,063,583)

This really is one of the most basic fan pages that you will ever see on Facebook and I can only guess that the most of their growth has been achieved through their loyal fans liking the page. Most activity on the page is kept to the wall with new releases appearing in photos and through the odd video. Page

Pringles (5,762,518)

This popular snack has also been a high profile brand to engage through social media and their Facebook page features engaging apps, local content as well as constant engagement through the wall with interactive questions and lots of competitions. Page

NBA (5,616,388)

You would expect one of the largest sports in the USA to have an active presence on Facebook and the NBA does not disappoint. The best feature of their page is that they encourage the fans to shop through their Facebook page and push out special offers which given their huge following you can imagine this is working very well for them. Page

Starburst (5,380,056)

This is one of the most beautifully designed Facebook pages with a nice clean interface leading you in to lotsof engaging apps and interactive content. Starburst also try and lead you in to their iPhone app through one of the tabs on their Facebook page.

Nutella (5,208,281)

This is clearly a Facebook page that has mostly been lead by fans with the brand slow to engage but it shows that you don’t always need big fancy apps to engage with consumers on Facebook. Lots of user generated content and wall posts about how much they love the Nutella brand. Page

Dr Pepper (5,164,646)

Dr Pepper play up the music angle on their page with a couple of interactive maps allowing you to follow the bands they are sponsoring (KISS for example). There are lots of other apps that rotate on this Facebook page and encourage you to share the content with your friends. Page

Monster Energy (4,916,536)

Monster are not the first energy drink that comes to mind and they are very much up against a giant in Red Bull who we see at the top of this list but in fairness they are making a good effort on Facebook with their content very much aimed at the youth market. Page

Addidas Originals (4,804,224)

Addidas as you would expect have a good presence on Facebook but it is a shame that a lot of their pages are not in great shape and lead you straight to their website rather than encouraging interaction within Facebook itself. Having said that lots of good content including their ads and some user generated content from fans. Page

H&M (4,520,070)

Another brand that insists on pushing lots of people over to it’s website rather than keeping them within Facebook but on the upside there are over 5000 photos with a huge range of their range available to browse online. Lots of interactions on the wall including the latest releases as they come out. Page

Ferraro Rocher (4,424,751)

This seems to be another page that has largely been driven by a cult following among fans around the world of the gorgeous chocolates. Of particular interest are the brilliant fan photos that have been submitted with the chocolates shown off in lots of creative ways. Page

McDonalds (3,795,486)

When I started making this list I would have been surprised if the world’s biggest fast food chain had not made the list and I’m not surprised to see it here. A great balance on this page of apps that create engagement as well as creative ways in showing off all it’s range with ironically a big focus on the health benefits!

Playstation (3,683,751)

With 10s of millions of gamers around the world hardly a surprise to see the first of 2 gaming platforms on the list. Lots of engaging content especially showing off popular games and new up and coming releases. a very engaged audience here. Page

Xbox (3,447,690)

Another gaming platform and Xbox seem to focus on signing as many people up to their platform as possible with most pages featuring some form of sign up process. Interestingly the pages seems to break down in to smaller areas for different levels of gamers with those pages having far less fans so some sort of custom solution in place here from Facebook. Page

Taco Bell (3,399,860)

The second fast food brand on the list and the Facebook page is fairly simple with a small focus on photo and video content. Not a huge amount of exciting stuff happening here apart from the ability for people to apply for jobs with Taco Bell. Page

Puma (2,712,075)

Again most of the landing pages link off to the main Puma site where you can get more info with the content on Facebook focusing on some of their latest video adverts, user photos and the odd app thrown in (none at the moment). Page

BMW (2,696,929)

The only car brand on the list has a great interactive page with lots of compelling content. You can watch their latest TV channel or submit user generated pictures of your BMW with a staggering 22,000 photos already uploaded to the page this is one very popular and engaging page. Page

Blackberry (2,675,387)

Lots of interaction here from an interactive counter showing how many fans there are of the page around the world to a simple tab that lets you find the Blackberry page for your local country this is a great example of a global brand using Facebook effectively. The page also includes all the latest news as well as a way of finding your favorite phone. Page

Nike (2,481,546)

This is one brand that I 100% expected to make the list but I would perhaps have expected to see it a little higher up the charts. As you would expect lots of user generated content but it is a shame to see lots of the pages broken and not fitting in with the new width of Facebook pages which for a brand the size of Nike is just not acceptable. Page

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