This article was published on December 9, 2011

The 20 most useful social media tools of 2011: Part two

The 20 most useful social media tools of 2011: Part two

Last week, as part of our regular social media Friday series, we served up part one of the 20 most useful new social media tools of 2011 (20 through to 16).

Now it’s time to bring you part two, which features our picks for tools 15 to 11.

Are you ready to get busy? Let’s do this!

15. – If you are responsible for measuring how well your social media channels are performing, then this is the analytics hub for you. Simply plug all of your details in (Twitter account, YouTube channel, Google analytics etc) and Unilyzer will give you all of your data on one screen. Check out the full list of product features here.

14. – This is a search engine for apps (Android, Mac, Chrome, Facebook, web and more) which takes the pain away from those endless searches for apps via general search engines. Bookmark this one!

13. – If you haven’t tried GroupHigh yet, the next sentence might encourage you to do so. Ready? is the best blogger outreach research and engagement tool on the planet. The latest update (version three) makes it even easier for you to discover the most relevant blogs by keyword, style and receptiveness. Brilliant.

12. / – PeopleBrowsr is a social media analytics tool which includes 1,000 days of Twitter data at your disposal. Kred, from the same team, is an influence measurement tool that is provides a very transparent analysis of user activity. Both of these tool combined can make your life a helluva lot easier.

11. – This is primarily a social media username checking tool but is also a great place to start when identifying online communities relevant to a subject / topic. Simply visit the networks tab and scroll through the categories to discover new places to be active and / or monitor.

Judging by the quality of tools in spots 15-11, we have some very special stuff lined up for you in the next installment (16/12/11) where we look at tools 10 through to 6.

Catch you then!