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This article was published on October 27, 2015

    The 100+ tech & business women speakers you need at your next event

    The 100+ tech & business women speakers you need at your next event
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    A young event tech company founded by two female entrepreneurs Tal Shoham and Shany Peleg. Evolero is an event & conference management s A young event tech company founded by two female entrepreneurs Tal Shoham and Shany Peleg. Evolero is an event & conference management software that’s a one-stop-platform. It offers all online services and tools for conference planning and organizing that enables the event planner to engage the attendees before, during, and after the event,including tools planners need including ticketing, social integrations, speaker profiles, and much more under one roof.

    Where are the women?”

    “Why was the stage dominated by male speakers?”

    “Couldn’t the organizers find qualified female speakers?”

    These are questions that attendees, — male and female — ask themselves on the way home from the conferences and events that you worked so hard planning.

    As two female co-founders, of an event-tech startup, Evolero, who are often listed on leading and innovative startup lists, run our own events, we are on the frontline and know too well and feel the urgency for women to be on stage.

    Women are leading startups, Fortune 500 companies, and investing more and more in the next generation of innovation. Today, not having a balanced representation, not having a woman on stage, is a liability for your conference and in short will turn people away.

    An exciting change is imminent. The inner feminine qualities that encompass women is reflected and presented through the impact that they have on the business and tech world.

    More women in tech and business means more than just job opportunities for women, but their presence in the arena will foster more diverse and holistic innovation.

    MEJORANDOLA conference

    Events are powerful and play a major part in change. It’s the physical experience which is incredibly powerful, this is why you see an increase in live events as opposed to what was predicted when online social connectivity exploded. It’s obvious that bringing in more women and making sure women are on stage at events is a catalyst for change.

    Although today women are more visible in the tech and business arena, and according to statistics women run startups are more capital efficient, and generate more revenue than male run startups, we still are asked by our clients about female keynote speakers, great event panelists.

    We have reached out to 100’s of our clients, who organize leading innovation and tech events, our business partners and event industry leaders to create a quality list.

    This list of “100+ Amazing Female Speakers” from the world of business and technology, includes well-known keynote speakers, international names, and rising stars- incredible speakers that you haven’t heard of yet, but need to!

    In addition we have added information including what you need to know before you hire a speaker, what to ask, and how to choose speakers for your next event or conference.

    Questions to answer before hiring a conference speaker:

    Are you in the market for a professional speaker or a “rising star” speaker?

    Is your keynote speaker or conference speaker going to educate, share your message, inform and entertain?

    1. Is the speaker known for their storytelling ability?
    2. Does the speaker fee match the quality of the speaker?
    3. Do you have a budget that includes travel and hosting expenses for speakers? And how are you compensating your “free” speakers?
    4. Will the event speaker you choose spend time on site with attendees – before and after their session?
    5.  Is the speaker a professional speaker or an expert in their field? Have you heard them speak?
    6. Will your audience have a “wow” moment during the speaker’s presentation? What will they take away from the presentation?
    7. Will the event speaker you choose help with the event marketing or buzz creation?
    8. Can you build an interactive bio for them including social profiles, videos, decks, SlideShare?

    Before you hire or pitch the speakers on your target list make sure that you are well aware of your budget, including agency fees, registration costs, hotels, ground transportation, meals, flights, etc.


    We asked some of the top speakers agents and event planners their top tips for hiring speakers.

    Here are their tips:

    Shawna Suckow, Planner, Speaker and Author

    Ask how interactive the presentation will be, and HOW

    If a speaker is minimally interactive with the audience, that means it’s a lecture, which is a red flag to me these days, unless it’s a keynote presentation. Breakouts have to be engaging today, or you’ll lose the audience.

    Social Proof is important these days

    What the speaker says about herself isn’t as credible as what other people say about the speaker. Every speaker has carefully cultivated quotes from raving audience members, but I prefer to seek out my own input by asking for feedback on planner message boards.

    Ask the speaker if she’s willing to help promote her session on social media with your event hashtag, or by writing a brief blog, or by filming a one- or two-minute video. In my opinion, it’s important to get speakers involved in pre-event promotions these days, not just have them show up to speak and leave.

    Premiere Speakers –Shawn Hanks, President andBrian Lord, Senior Vice President

    Plan ahead

    You have many more options as an event planner when planning months in advance. Every event is different – some plan 12-months in advance while some only plan three months in advance. But planning with adequate lead time gives you more speaker options, better date options, and allows you time for an adequate selection and decision process.

    Know your needs

    A good bureau contact or speaker advocate can coach you on what information is needed during your process. Date, location, time slot are the basic building blocks, but deeper information is also valuable. Event theme, anticipated take-aways, keynote or deeper training?

    If you have a grasp on the full need, a bureau advisor can provide you a detailed shortlist of options. Those options will all be qualified of the job, and the real selection can be made based on best content and fit.

    Know what you’re looking for

    Are you trying to attract clients to your event? Do you really want to drive home a message overcoming obstacles? Is the chief goal to give attendees an outlook at the upcoming political and economic client, or just a break at the end of the day?

    Realize you have more than one audience 

    The ‘normal audience’ we’re conditioned to think of is made up of the people sitting in the audience, and sometimes all they want is a good laugh, an autograph, and something they can brag about to their friends back at the office.

    The ‘other audience’ an event planner has to worry about are the executives who care more about making sure the speaker talks about leadership, teamwork, and how the company needs to really focus on having a great year.  

    Make sure you express to your agent or speaker what both audiences want so you can find someone who fits everything you need.

    Another great tool filled with tips and articles is the speaker booking kit from

    •  How to determine the best keynote speaker for your event.
    •  Speaker contracting tips.
    •  Working with a speaker’s bureau.
    •  What to expect when booking a celebrity speaker.
    •  How to prepare for your speaker’s visit.

    Here is our list of the Top 100+ Women Speakers to Invite to Your Next Event

    1. Alice Zagury – Founder –TheFamilyTwitter
    2. Allyson Kapin – Founder of Women Who Tech & Co-Founder of Rad CampaignTwitterYouTube 
    3. Anna Fang – Anna is the Partner and CEO of Zhen Fund where she oversees Zhen Fund’s investments, portfolio management and operations. Twitter,YouTube   
    4. Suzanne Baran – Content Strategy Director. Twitter
    5. Eileen Burbidge – Co-Founder,Passion Capital, London. Twitter 
    6. Hilary Mason – Founder at Fast Forward Labs. Twitter
    7. Mika Brzezinski – Mika is an American television host, author and journalist. Brzezinski co-hosts MSNBC’s weekday morning broadcast Morning Joe with former Republican representative Joe Scarborough. Twitter 
    8. Mari Smith – Marketing executive, visionary leader of multinational teams known for her innovative and analytical thinking and entrepreneurial drive.Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest 
    9. Kate Russell – Tech reporter @BBCClick & author.Elite, Twitter 
    10. Shawna Suckow  Customer Expert. Award-winning speaker, audience engagement enthusiast, hospitalityindustry evangelist, excellent parallel parker. Twitter,Facebook, YouTube 
    11. Iris Shoor Co-founder and VP Product of Takipi, a start-up company solving one of cloud computing’s toughest problems. Previously co-founder and VP Product at VisualTao, a Sequoia backed start-up company developing cloud technologies for engineering and design. Twitter     
    12. Jenn Lim – CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering HappinessConsultant at Twitter
    13. Jennifer Pahlka – Jennifer Pahlka is the founder and Executive Director ofCode for America.Twitter.            
    14. Jennifer Hyman – CEO and Co-Founder ofRent The Runway, a retail industry company which makes designer dresses and offers accessory rentals.Twitter,Speakers File
    15. Kelly McDonald – President ofMcDonald Marketing – Speaker, Diversity Marketing Expert & Author.  Twitter,Speakers File                                                                
    16. Kim Wilkens – Tech-Girls Founder, Twitter 
    17. Krista Smith – West Coast Editor,Vanity Fair, CNN contributor.Twitter,Instagram, Speakers File                                            
    18. Laura Voglino – VP Alliances and Cloud Ecosystem Development at IBM. Marketing executive, visionary leader of multinational teams known for her innovative, analytical thinking and entrepreneurial drive.Twitter                                                       
    19. Libby Gill – Executive Coach, Consultant, Author of Four Books, and International Speaker.Twitter,Facebook, Speakers File, YouTube 
    20. Lori Greiner – Shark Tank Investor, Inventor, and Entrepreneur, Known as “The Warm Blooded Shark”.Twitter,Facebook,Speakers File,Instagram 
    21. Lynette Kucsma  Passionate about plant-strong eating, marketing and technology. CMO & Co-Founder of a company that makes 3D food printers, using REAL food. Twitter, Facebook 
    22. Natalie Massenet – Natalie Massenet MBE is a fashion entrepreneur and former journalist, who founded the designer fashion portal Net-a-Porter. Since 2013, she has been chairman of the British Fashion Council. Instagram  
    23. Pamela Fox – Pamela works at the Khan Academy on their computing curriculum. In her free time, she likes to teach for GirlDevelopIt, give talks, work on side projects, and read great books! TwitterYouTube                                                                            
    24. Peggy Anne Salz – Nine times author a Forbes contributor; Top 30 Mobile Influencer; Content Marketing Strategist a Chief Analyst of Mobile Groove. TwitterFacebook 
    25. Sarah Wood – Sarah Wood is cofounder & COO of marketing technology company UnRuly. Responsible for delivering the most awesome social video campaigns on the planet. Twitter 
    26. Sunita Kaur – Managing Director, Asia, Spotify. Event Profile  
    27. Abigail Noble – Head,Impact Investing, World Economic Forum. Twitter,Facebook   
    28. Alexia Tsotsis – Co-Editor, TechCrunch. Twitter, Instagram 
    29. Ali Brown – Successful Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, and Consultant Featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. TwitterFacebookYouTube 
    30. Alyssa Milano – Actress, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur. Twitter, FacebookSpeaker FileInstagram 
    31. Amanda Johnson – VP Integrated Marketing, Here Media. TwitterFacebookYouTube    
    32. Angela Maiers – Angela Maiers is a pioneer in digital literacy and education technologies. An award-winning educator, author, and speaker known for her work in education leadership and innovation, Angela works tirelessly to bring compassion-driven learning to classrooms around the world. Twitter,Facebook,Speakers File, YouTube            
    33. Anne Mahlum – Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker, Runner, and Founder of Back on My Feet.  TwitterFacebookSpeakers FileYouTube 
    34. Annie Duke – Mom of four, speaker and decision coach, author of Decide to Play Great Poker and The Middle Zone, a poker single. TwitterFacebookSpeakers File      
    35. Aurore Leblanc – Digital Communication Manager, KENZO. TwitterEvent ProfileInstagram
    36. Axelle Lemaire – Secrétaire d’État chargée du Numérique. TwitterEvent Profile      
    37. Barbara Corcoran Co-Founder of Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners.TwitterFacebookSpeakers FileInstagram        
    38. Beatriz (Bea) Rodriguez Director Diversity and Inclusion, The Home Depot. TwitterEvent Profile 
    39. Candace Reese – TheCEOPundit and JOYcatalyst Founder, @EnvisionGlobal. TwitterFacebook  
    40. Carey Lohrnenz – CEO atCarey Lohrenz, WSJ Bestselling Author: Fearless Leadership. The first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy. TwitterSpeaking File 
    41. Carole Zibi – Head of Strategic Marketing, LinkedIn. Twitter,Event Profile   
    42. Caroline Hyde – Business Correspondent @BloombergTV.  Twitter
    43. Caroline Pailloux – Founder d’Ignition Program. Twitter,Event Profile   
    44. Catherine Barba – Entrepreneur, mamie du (French) Web, founder of Cashstore, Malinea, Business Angel, Leetchi. Twitter
    45. Catherine Bracy – Director of Community Organizing, Code for AmericaTwitterSpeaker File 
    46. Cheryl Burgess – Described as a “social media passionista” by the Huffington Post, Cheryl Burgess helps companies turn their brands into social businesses. Twitter,Speaker File 
    47. Cindy Yun – Founder and CEO, AtriaTwitterSpeaker FileInstagram                                            
    48. Clara de Soto – SVP Business & Product Development at Event Farm. Co-Founder ofClearhart. TwitterYouTube 
    49. Clara Shih – Author of The Facebook Era, CEO and Founder of Hearsay Corporation and Board Director of Starbucks Corporation. TwitterFacebook 
    50. Cyndi Stivers – Cyndi Stivers is a digital-strategy and media consultant, currently working with Tina Brown Live Media (previously: Time Inc. National Geographic, Etsy, etc.). Twitter 
    51. Dalila Kerchouche – Grand reporter et Ecrivain. TwitterEvent Profile 
    52. Danae Ringelmann – Founder of @Indiegogo – empowering people to fund what matters to them. TwitterInstagramYouTube
    53. Danielle Johnsons – Founder, The Urban Frontier. TwitterEvent Profile 
    54. Delphine Remy-Boutang – International entrepreneur, founder@the__bureau. TwitterFacebookVideo
    55. Dominique Dalle – Cofounder  – Association Entreprendre Pour Apprendre Nord Pas de Calais. TwitterEvent Profile     
    56. Donna Griffit – CEO & Co-founder and Corporate Storyteller for Start Ups. TwitterFacebookPinterestYouTube. 
    57. Dr. Julianne Malveaux – President and Founder at Economic Education. TwitterYouTube  
    58. Emma Jackson – Co-founder, XDs. TwitterFacebookEvent Profile 
    59. Esther DysonEsther Dyson is chairman and founder of HICCup (Health Initiative Coordinating Council) and Chairman of EDventure Holdings.  TwitterSpeaker Profile                                
    60. Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles – Head of Resources and Innovation. Member of the Executive committee for Societe Generale. Twitter                                                                                             
    61. Géraldine Gautier – Fondatrice Le monde Pharmaceutique TV. TwitterEvent Profile.     
    62. Gwynne Shotwell – President, SpaceXTwitter                                   
    63. Hila Oren – Founder & CEO, Tel Aviv Global. Twitter    
    64. Holly Niemela – Optimal Being Advocate. Develops mindfulness at work, wellbeing programs, conferences and retreats. Teaches Search Inside Yourself (Google) program. TwitterEvent Profile                                           
    65. Jessica Jackley – Microlending Pioneer, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder ofKiva TwitterSpeakers File                                             
    66. Joanna Kamińska – Policy Advisor at the European ParliamentTwitterFacebookSpeakers File
    67. Justine Ryst – Media Director Twitter France – Connecting Entertainment/Sports/Music/Politics/News to their audiences. Twitter,Event Profile        
    68. Kathrin Damian – Product Director, GSMA. TwitterFacebook
    69. Karen Catlin – Karen Catlin is a leadership coach and advocate for women in the tech industry. She coaches professionals in public speaking and last year she delivered a TEDx talk: “Women in Tech – The Missing Force.” TwitterFacebookYouTube              
    70. Kathy Ireland – Former Sports Illustrated Model, Successful Entrepreneur, C.E.O. of Kathy Ireland Worldwide. TwitterFacebookSpeakers File                                                                     
    71. Katty Kay – BBC News anchor and contributor and guest host forMorning JoeTwitterSpeakers FileVideo                                                                                                                            
    72. Keren Elazari  – Cyber Security Analyst,K3r3n3.comTwitter,Event ProfileSpeakers FileYouTube 
    73. Laurie Segall – CNNMoney correspondent covering startups, innovation, VC’s and all things new and cool. TwitterVideo 
    74. Lisa Birnbach – Lisa R. Birnbach is an author best known for co-authoring The Official Preppy Handbook, which spent 38 weeks at number one on the New York Times bestseller list in 1980.  TwitterFacebook                                                                                                             
    75. Lisa Ling – Lisa J. Ling is an American journalist, television presenter, and author. She is currently the host of This is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN. TwitterFacebookInstagram 
    76. Liz Wald – VP International, Indiegogo. TwitterEvent Profile 
    77. Magali Théveniault – Director of  Travel & Hospitality at Capgemini Consulting. TwitterEvent Profile      
    78. Malika Mir – Chief Digital Officer Ipsen Pharma. TwitterEvent Profile 
    79. Marie Hélène Chavigny Director Human Resources at Carrefour Market. TwitterEvent Profile 
    80. Marie-Christine Maheas – Coordinator and co-author of the book ‘Mixité’. TwitterEvent Profile
    81. Marion Moreau – Corporate branding specialist – SIGFOX. Twitter 
    82. Marissa Mayer – Marissa Ann Mayer is the current president and CEO of Yahoo. Twitter 
    83. Martha Lane Fox – The former executive and Chancellor The Open University. Twitter                                            
    84. Maya Elhalal-Levavi – Founder and Curator at, specializes in emerging science and tech, curator of speakers for international conferences. TwitterFacebook 
    85. Meg Whitman – CEO, Hewlett-Packard. Twitter 
    86. Michal Michaeli – Founder & Managing Partner, Eva Ventures. TwitterEvent Profile    
    87. Monika Czaplicka – CEO, Wobuzz. TwitterFacebookEvent Profile 
    88. Muriel Barnéoud – President, Docapost. Twitter 
    89. Natalia Hatalska – Expert in non-traditional communication methods, trendwatcher. Author of blog recognized as one of the most influential blogs in Poland. TwitterFacebook  
    90. Nathalie Boulanger – Nathalie Boulanger is the Director of the program Orange Start-up Ecosystème. Twitter                                                                                                                            
    91. Orna Shulman – Co-Founder of O.L.S Ventures, O.L.S Ventures 
    92. Patricia Delon – Executive Director, Commercial Department at RATP. TwitterEvent Profile 
    93. Rachel Schall Thomas – President atLeanIn.Org (Lean In Foundation) Twitter 
    94. Randi Zuckerberg – Founder ZuckMedia Agency. Speaker. Investor. Radio Host SiriusXM. Broadway Actress/Producer. Author DotComplicated & Dot. Formerly Marketing Facebook.TwitterFacebookSpeaker FileInstagram 
    95. Roxanne Varza – Responsible for the support program for start-ups at Microsoft. TwitterEvent Profile                                                                                             
    96. Rutie Adar – Director Business Development, Head of Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center in Israel, Samsung Electronics.                                                                   
    97. Sallie Krawcheck  Chair of Ellevate Network and Ellevate Asset Management, past CEO, Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. TwitterSpeaking File
    98. Sandy Carter – General Manager/Cloud Ecosystem & Developers, andSocial Business Evangelist, IBM. Twitter
    99. Sharinee Shannon Kalayanamitr – Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Connector, World. TwitterEvent Profile                                                                                              
    100. Sherry Coutu – Angel investor, Cambridge. Twitter
    101. Sheryl Sandberg – Chief Operating Officer, Facebook. TwitterFacebook        
    102. Shira Lazar – Shira Lazar is the Host and Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated live interactive daily show show and 24/7 news hub, “What’s Trending”. Named one of Fast Company’s 2011 Most Influential Women in Technology. TwitterFacebookSpeakers FileInstagramYouTube       
    103. Stephanie Hospital – One Ragtime founder, a global technology venture fund and advisory. Mentor at Level39 and Plug&Play. TwitterEvent ProfileFacebook  
    104. Susan Wojcicki – Senior Vice President, YouTube. YouTubeTwittervideo             
    105. Sylvie Jéhanno – Director Private Clients EDF. Twitter                                                 
    106. Tal Shoham – Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker, and Founder of EvoleroTwitter  
    107. Tamsen Webster – Tamsen Webster is Senior Vice President for Executive Communications and Chief Marketing Officer for Oratium. TwitterFacebook          
    108. Tan Le – Tan is a top women keynote speakers; she’s also a technology whiz. She is a telecommunications entrepreneur and CEO of bioinformatics company, Emotiv. She was also a TED talk guest speaker. TwitterFacebook                                                                                             
    109. Toni Griggs – Toni Griggs is the Sales and Marketing Manager for the world’s leading event and experience marketing agency, George P. Johnson. TwitterEvent Profile                        
    110. Ursula Burns – Ursula M. Burns serves as Chairwoman and CEO of XeroxTwitter             
    111. Véronique Blondelle – Director of Marketing Marché IBM France. Twitter, Event Profile    
    112. Yael Reznik Cramer – VP Business Development, BRM Group. Event Profile                 
    113. Yifat Oron – Yifat Oron is the CEO of LeumiTech, Leumi Group’s high tech subsidiary.            Event Profile                                                                               
    114. Yoelle Maarek – Head of Yahoo Labs Israel and India. Twitter 
    115. Yvonne Adele-Yvonne is the creator of media personality Ms. Megabyte and has a career that spans print, television, radio and the Internet. Yvonne is popular in the corporate speaking arena for her keynote address and complimentary workshop on her creative thinking style. TwitterFacebook, website                                                                      
    116. Zoe Sugg – English Fashion & Beauty Vlogger and Internet Personality; Best Known on YouTube as Zoella. TwitterInstagramYouTube                
    117. Kate Russel – Journalist, reporter and author, Kate has been writing about technology and the Internet since 1995. Appearing weekly on BBC technology program Click she also speaks regularly at conferences and lectures in schools and universities inspiring the next generation of technologists. TwitterFacebook  
    118. Dr. Idit Harel Caperton Founder & CEO Globaloria, an EdTech startup. Twitter, Facebook
    119. Inbal Arieli – Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Start-Up Nation Central

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