This article was published on March 28, 2012

TenFarms ties all your social, local and mobile activities together in one place

TenFarms ties all your social, local and mobile activities together in one place

We bet you’re quietly growing tired of the SoLoMo acronym (which stands for Social-Local-Mobile in case you’re new to the Interwebz) by now. We know we are.

Be that as it may, there may still be room for services that aggregate your social and mobile sharing activities, tie them all together within a single, ‘location-aware’ platform, and help people discover new experiences nearby.

That’s exactly what TenFarms has set out to do. Its tagline: “Post, discover and curate moments around the world”.

The idea behind its namesake service is to merge social, local and mobile activities by leveraging existing mobile apps for capturing and auto-sharing experiences, tying together a user’s location with different multimedia objects (photos, videos, audio and whatnot) in a single place.

Shared ‘moments’, as TenFarms refers to items that wind up in said place, can be favorited, commented on, spread further and pinned (= saved).

Some of the incoming streams TenFarms can tap: Instagram, Picplz, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, GetGlue, SoundCloud and many more.

TenFarms’ objective is to take the data that exists in these various “silos” and aggregate them in a place where people can engage with it.

From the company’s official pitch:

TenFarms makes it dead simple for people to “plant” virtual objects in a location through existing applications that they already use everyday, allowing others to pick them up and engage later on.

TenFarms also allows users to create and post moments (images with a description, location, and optionally applied with a filter) via TenFarms and plant them anywhere in the world. This makes the platform also functional to people that are not using the supported mobile apps.

We realize this sounds rather vague, but think of TenFarms as a real-time map that displays who is nearby and lets you skim through
pictures, videos, events, check-ins and conversations happening in the area. That is, if TenFarms manages to gain traction in a world where people can choose between a plethora of social sharing and networking services.

The company, which is based in Los Angeles, California, is going to start letting a limited number of users into the beta of its Web app starting today, and says it will be adding native mobile applications to the product line in the “near future”.