This article was published on October 18, 2011

Take This Lollipop will make you think twice about what you share on Facebook

Take This Lollipop will make you think twice about what you share on Facebook

With ever-growing audiences, social networks have become a great place to share things with your friends, meet new people and find new and interesting things to do, both on and offline.

However, social networks can be dangerous places to share information, particularly if you are careless about the data you provide on your profile without the proper safeguards in place. Take This Lollipop plays on the fact that many people underestimate the power of social networks and the information that can be obtained from them, connecting to your Facebook account to play through a scene where a creepy man spying and tracking you.

It’s like a scene from one of the many horror films that have hit movie theatres in the past few years, showing a man (played by Bill Oberst Jr.) in a somewhat abandoned house (complete with a tricycle in the corner of a room), obtaining information from your Facebook profile. Your photos, location and friends are all displayed, making you aware of what you willingly share on your Facebook account.

It’s certain to become a viral hit, suggesting that it could be part of a campaign for a new movie or promotion. However, our initial searches proved fruitless. That said, take a look, authorise your account and see what Take My Lollipop knows about you.

Just be sure to look over your shoulder for the rest of the day (notice my photo taped to the dash of the car?).

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