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This article was published on December 31, 2015

Take a look at the last Canvas art of 2015

Take a look at the last Canvas art of 2015
Jurian van der Meulen
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Jurian van der Meulen

Jurian van der Meulen works at The Next Web based in Amsterdam. He is interested in everything that's technology and design related. He's al Jurian van der Meulen works at The Next Web based in Amsterdam. He is interested in everything that's technology and design related. He's also constantly looking for talented artists and illustrators to feature in our Canvas Ads. Mail him or drop him a message @Jurian_vd_M

If you are a reader of our website, then you probably already know about our Canvas Ads.

Introduced earlier this year, these fancy advertisements are beautifully, and strategically, hidden behind articles. With a click of the mouse, posts partially slide out of view so you can enjoy the full canvas.

In addition to hosting more traditional ads, we also feature promising artists.

TNW provides each artist with the opportunity to showcase their work and a link to their portfolios allowing you to find out more about artists you like and peruse their work.

We recently highlighted two new artists, each showcasing two of their latest works, and added little holiday surprise from a returning artist.

Koen Mok

Koen Mok is a self-employed illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. He works as ‘MOK designz’, creating impactful remarkable designs and visuals that will engage, connect and inspire people.

Offering a fresh and contemporary East-meets-West perspective, his designs are a mix of digital illustrations with playful, striking, modern graphic style-elements.

I draw my inspiration from music, art, movies, design, animation, fashion, photography, traveling, internet, magazines, literature, videogames and popculture.

He specializes in editorial and advertorial illustration, graphic design, art direction, brand imaging, concept design and logo design; and has worked with clients that include Sanoma, Bose, Bacardi, Absolut, Toni&Guy, World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace.

Koen Mok’s portfolio
Koen Mok’s Canvas Ads (reload to see all works)

Mickey Cohen

Mickey Cohen is an illustrator and artist from Amsterdam. Focused primarily on drawing, he also works in design branches such as animation and graphic design. “I love doing so because I can create more narrative and challenge myself,”  he says.

How I stay recognizable as an artist? Whatever I do, it has to be absurd. I believe imagination and originality counts more than anything.

He also recently worked on an animated music video in collaboration with illustrator and art director Darrin Umboh.

We wanted to make an overwhelming animated videoclip in which overly sexual and strange moving images are mixed and therefore contribute to the hysterical nature of the music.

You can check out some clips from the music video and more of his work on his Instagram account.

Mickey Cohen’s portfolio
Mickey Cohen’s Canvas Ads (reload to see all works)

Sandy van Helden’s holiday art

You may recognize this artist from her previous Canvas Ads.

We really like her work, so we asked her to create something to set the tone for the holidays. The results are two beautifully designed Christmas and New Year themed canvases.

Sandy van Helden’s portfolio
Sandy van Helden’s Christmas ad
Sandy van Helden’s New Year’s ad


If you want to apply to have your artworks shown on our Canvas ads, feel free to contact me.

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