This article was published on February 27, 2019

TagOn is the next generation of link shortening; net a lifetime plan for under $40

TagOn is the next generation of link shortening; net a lifetime plan for under $40
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Linking and sharing content isn’t as simple as just…well, forwarding somebody a link. Marketers want to drive traffic and generate leads. Small businesses want to stay active and relevant in customer feeds. Some content like chatbots or opt-in links just can’t be shared with a standard link.

That is, until TagOn. This link shortener doesn’t just condense a long URL. This service helps you share custom content, tracking and basically anything you need to engage with an audience, all in a super-tidy, easily-shared package. And right now, you can score a lifetime subscription to its Custom Pro plan at over 90 percent off its regular price, just $36.75 from TNW Deals with limited time promo code: DOWNLOADIT.

With TagOn, you can attach any embed scripts from your website to the links that you share. If you’ve got a live chat, surveys, quizzes or videos to go with your links, TagOn will make it happen. TagOn also allows you to build special customized audiences and serve just those specific users with retargeting pixels or tracking codes.

You can create call-to-action links or automate links that go out from any RSS feed. Meanwhile, interactions are catalogued into all of your available traffic stats, so you can easily monitor performance.

TagOn lets you connect with your audience your way. Normally, a lifetime subscription to TagOn’s Custom Pro plan would run you $1,000, but for a limited time, you can lock in the whole package for only $36.75 with promo code: DOWNLOADIT.

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