This article was published on September 24, 2020

Tableau has changed how the business world makes decisions. Learn how to manage big data now

Tableau has changed how the business world makes decisions. Learn how to manage big data now
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TLDR: This Tableau Training and Certification Course explains everything needed to start using and influencing with the business world’s most powerful data visualization tool.

It isn’t always enough to make a claim…or even to have the evidence to back up that claim. Sometimes, you’ve got to have that evidence in just the right form to make the impact you need.

One of the benefits of data visualization is the way it makes cold, hard numbers relatable, especially for those who don’t usually live and die by stats. The right chart, graph or visual representation of data you mined can tell a whole new story in a completely different way, shaping thought and changing minds.

Tableau is one of the business world’s key analytics tools today specifically because of its prowess for visualizing data. That’s why execs trained in using Tableau can expect to earn a healthy annual paycheck. You can join those ranks with the training found in the Tableau Training and Certification Course ($25, 87 percent off from TNW Deals).

Tableau gives you the tools to present your data generated conclusions based off your raw information, helping to find, then show patterns in the data as well as highlight the right course of action to take. With 74 lectures, this course explains the Tableau environment to get you started, then drills into impactful uses for persuading with your data.

With the training team from Yoda Learning as your guide, you can explore Tableau to learn how to prepare and process data, code and visualize your findings, repurpose that work into various file formats and ultimately know all the right moves for applying your statistical and visualization skills.

Along the way, students are also tested by three challenges, pressing them to use their burgeoning Tableau skills in service of some real-life projects. By creating graphics around actual sales vs. target sales, as well as numbers around a venture capital fund, learners get a full handle on all the presentation power available through Tableau.

Regularly a $199 course, it’s available now for only $25 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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