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This article was published on July 1, 2018

    Tableau 10 is your ticket to being a data master — and it’s less than $20 to learn

    Tableau 10 is your ticket to being a data master — and it’s less than $20 to learn
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    PowerPoint charts and graphs are fine for school presentations or your garden variety office meeting. But data analysis and data visualization have truly entered a new age — and the old methods for visually displaying information don’t really measure up anymore.

    For almost 15 years, Tableau has risen to become the go-to graphic interface platform for using data in more impactful and engaging ways. With the coursework in the Complete Tableau 10 Data Science bundle ($19, an over 90 percent savings from TNW Deals), you’ll learn how to mine, then present information to help make more persuasive arguments and lead to smarter decisions.

    With Tableau, you use its highly customizable, highly interactive tools to sift through mountains of information to find hard facts and eye-opening insights into what all that data actually means.  

    Three of your courses (Tableau For Absolute Beginners, Tableau 10 Desktop Training and Mastering Tableau 10) will help introduce you to how Tableau works, ways to import data, and the vast array of maps, charts, dashboards, and other interactive displays for showcasing your findings.

    Meanwhile, your remaining courses (Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Vol. 1; and Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Vol. 2) give you easy-to-follow examples and real world scenarios to help create data visualizations of your own. If you’ve never heard of a KPI text table, a waterfall chart or a population pyramid before, you will after this training.

    Each of these courses cost from $79 up to almost $200 on their own, so don’t miss out on the limited time deal to score all this instruction for pocket change — just $19.