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This article was published on April 27, 2016

Supercharge your Mac with the Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac bundle

Supercharge your Mac with the Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac bundle
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Your Mac is pretty incredible on its own, but with a range of added features offered in the Spring 2016 Mac Bundle, you can maximize your computer’s productivity with game-changing results.

For a limited time, you can pay what you want for 13 premium apps – a combined $946 value – to enhance your Mac’s security, photo library capabilities, data backup methods, coding abilities and more!

Check out what the Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac Bundle has in store:

  • Owlet – $499 Value

Turn your 3D models into photorealistic images, and load standard 3D formats like OBJ, Collada, FBX, 3DS and more. No prior 3D knowledge is required!

  • Flux 6 – $99 Value

Step up your web design game! Learn to use the WYSIWYG editor to build stunning webpages with responsive designs, all without coding a line.

  • AfterShot Pro 2 – $79.99 Value

Your new one-stop shop for photo editing is an all-in-one RAW converter, high-speed photo manager and editor all in one. Take your work to incredible new levels with this tremendously flexible editing program.

  • Hands Off! – $49.99 Value

Keep a lock on the access web apps have to your network and data. Safeguard your privacy, keep an eye on abnormal activity and control the flow of network connections with this great tool.

  • FoldersSynchronizer 4 – $40 Value

Sync and backup your Mac’s files, folders and disks with special options, including Timers, Multiple Folders, Filters and more. Say goodbye to accidental data loss, and hello to organized backup solutions.

  • Screens 3 – $29.99 Value

Now you can control all of your computers right from your Mac, connecting via an SSH tunnel. Screens is a highly-rated virtual network client (VNC) that will allow you to run apps on any of your computers’ displays, as well as send and receive content – allowing you to knock out tasks with light work.

  • AllMyMusic – $29 Value

Imagine being able to record any streaming audio you like from over 500 sources, including YouTube, Pandora and even the radio. It’s no longer a music-lover’s fantasy thanks to AllMyMusic, which lets you download audio files to your computer & access them without requiring any internet connection or data drain.

  • iClip – $14.99 Value

Say goodbye to the one-at-a-time copy and paste method. iClip allows you to copy up to 99 things at a time, then paste them all at your convenience. Organize stored clips into multiple sets, and even configure hot keys for increased efficiency.

  • FilePane – $4.99 Value

Supercharge your Mac’s drag-and-drop functionality. The minimalist utility allows you to resize, convert, mail, share & zip images with virtually no effort.

  • Pomodoro Time Pro – $4.99 Value

Master time management with Pomodoro Time Pro, a productivity app which teaches you to increase your productivity using the Pomodoro Technique – a five-step method for successfully eliminating procrastination, time-wasting habits and more.

  • Emulsion App – $49.99 Value

If your photo library is a cluttered mess, Emulsion is here to help. This powerful, flexible digital photo librarian will not only help catalogue your images into a fully organized library, it also ives you a wide range of photo editing options as well.

  • skEdit 4 – $29.99 Value

Learn to write and edit quality code, using features like code hinting, syntax highlighting, and more. This powerful text editor will have you confidently programming and designing to your heart’s content, seamlessly managing snippets & code as you build the sites of your dreams.

  • Marked 2 – $13.99 Value

Marked works with your favorite text editor to give you at-a-glance previews of your final document. With a suite of tools to improve your writing, you’ll find a sharp uptick in productivity as you track recent changes, automatically scrolling to your most recent edit every time you save.

Ready for a Mac upgrade? Pay what you want for the Spring 2016 Mac Bundle today on TNW Deals.

How “Pay What You Want” works: at purchase, you’ll automatically get the last 3 courses – Emulsion App, skEdit 4 and Marked 2 – for as much (or little) money as you want to pay. If you beat the average price, you’ll the complete bundle of 13 courses.

Additionally, 10 percent of all proceeds are going to Save The Children, dedicated to giving children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

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