This article was published on August 9, 2011

Summify passes 2 billion aggregated stories, launches new design and social features

Summify passes 2 billion aggregated stories, launches new design and social features

Social summary service Summify has passed the two billion aggregated stories milestone, marking the occasion with the launch of slick new email summaries, web summaries and social features.

Summify works by automatically identifying the most important news stories for you across all of your networks and tells why they are important, so you can read what really matters. With this in mind, the Summify team has redesigned its email notifications to include clearly indicate the headline, highlight the contributors and a small excerpt, all left-aligned for uniformity.

The new web design is more in tune with Summify’s iPhone app, detailing the people behind each Summary by pulling the picture from an associated Twitter or Facebook account. In a bid to become more social, a two-hundred character “About Me” section enables users to share a little more information about themselves, also adding social networking accounts so that members (or those visiting) Summaries can connect outside of the service.

In addition to the redesign, Summify has added navigation options to its Social Bar, providing toggles which return a user to their Summary, as well as up and down arrows to move between stories. The company has also finally made available its Instapaper integration, giving readers the ability to read a story later on a variety of devices.

Now, if only we could exempt ourselves from the multitude of tweets the services sends to authors every time they have helped build a social summary for a Summify user. The company is said to be working on it, much to the relief of some Twitter users.