This article was published on September 18, 2017

Can this one-stop-shop of creative resources disrupt the stock media industry?

Can this one-stop-shop of creative resources disrupt the stock media industry?
Neil C. Hughes
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Neil C. Hughes


Neil Hughes is a tech columnist, ghostwriter for tech leaders and host of the daily show, The Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Neil Hughes is a tech columnist, ghostwriter for tech leaders and host of the daily show, The Tech Talks Daily Podcast.

VideoBlocks has been offering savvy creatives an alternative to the traditional Getty and Shutterstock’s of this world with their Netflix-like stock media service. All-you-can-eat subscription packages for video, audio, and images has seen the company and its smorgasbord of content outgrow its current branding.

Step forward StoryBlocks, a new brand that will allow the company to bring all of their content libraries together. StoryBlocks CEO, TJ Leonard told me in a recent podcast interview how they wanted to provide a one-stop-shop for digital storytelling. Essentially, this new identity and image marketplace advances their mission of supporting the mass creative class.

Under the new brand, StoryBlocks will also make room for millions of photos in a new image marketplace that customers felt was the final missing piece of the jigsaw. Members can also save 60% on millions of new photos, vectors, and icons while contributors receive 100% commission.

The creative community is increasingly turning its back on cliched content in favor of something more authentic than men in suits shaking hands in a boardroom. Could the stock industry be ripe for disruption?

In a digital age where content continues to be king, it is no longer just large organizations with huge budgets that require stock footage. Bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters have all been outpriced by the major players prompting a need for a more artist-friendly stock media platform.

Eight years ago, I started a stock media company with a single vision: to provide creative content that everyone could afford. This is still our mission as StoryBlocks. There is a lot of great change happening, but our business model is staying the same. The creative community comes first every time. – Founder and Executive Chairman, Joel Holland advised

News that the StorBblocks video marketplace has already paid out over $6 million to artists highlights how the company means business. But how they are also remaining faithful to its Robin Hood narrative with a new image Marketplace that will also pay 100 percent commission to contributors.

Recognising that we are all consumers and creators of content appears to be one of the platforms biggest strengths. This transformative adventure has paved the way for StoryBlocks to be both affordable and artist-friendly.

In an age where we expect friction points to be replaced with simplification, having all the tools needed to bring digital storytelling to life in one place will be incredibly attractive to many.

The new StoryBlocks brand captures our vision of bringing our libraries together into a more unified experience, allowing our members to find the right content quickly, without having to blow their budget or sacrifice quality. -TJ Leonard, StoryBlocks’ CEO.

StoryBlocks has now evolved from a small, upstart content service, into a sophisticated platform with over 100 million downloads by creators worldwide. But, is this enough for traditional stock media providers to start nervously looking over their shoulder?

With an ever-expanding library that is providing a broad range of creators with HD videos, templates, images, music, sound effects, StoryBlocks feels like a freight train in the distance on a collision course with the old way of doing things.

Disrupting the stock media industry by empowering the mass creative class with studio-quality digital assets that are affordable for all, can only be a good thing for creatives. Only time will tell if Adobe, Shutterstock, and Getty take this new way of doing things seriously.


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