This article was published on May 20, 2016

5 companies putting the ‘art’ in startup

5 companies putting the ‘art’ in startup
Laure Albouy
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Laure Albouy

Laure spreads the word about wonders. When she's not talking about startups and data, you can generally find her tooling around Ams Laure spreads the word about wonders. When she's not talking about startups and data, you can generally find her tooling around Amsterdam.

In recent years, tech has infiltrated just about every sector of our lives (actually though) and art is no exception. Tech is influencing artist creation and the way we consume artwork.

This hasn’t always been the case. Even if you’re a (very) novice art connoisseur like myself, you know that tech and pure, traditional, art haven’t always collaborated. Originally, they are two very distinct categories with computer scientists focused on the practical and artists more concerned with symbolism.  

Turns out it’s time to let go of these stereotypes: the art startup market is alive and well. A handful of apps and websites merge the best of both worlds, providing multiple services ranging from showcasing artists to hosting auctions to selling artwork.

These platforms bring art within everyone’s reach, breaking the barriers of this niche sector. Basically, becoming an art expert is just one app download away!


This online auction house is for all you bidders out there. Paddle8 is home to an extensive contemporary art collection carefully selected by specialists.

The platform hosts auctions selling pieces from prestigious collectors and cultural institutions. Instead of bid battling it out live, you receive email notifications to know if you’ve been outbid or if you’ve won.


The art world is at your fingertips with Artbit’s app. It tells you where to find art near you, from museums to galleries to street art.

Snap an artwork, the app will recognize it and give you insights about it provided by the Artbit community. The Israel-based startup also lets you curate your own art collection and share your favorite pieces with fellow art enthusiasts.


Taking pretty amazing photographs that deserve more than Facebook and Instagram likes? Or just love photography? In either case, you ought to join the Fleck community.

Users vote for their favorite submissions and the top 20 are featured daily on a dedicated feed. It’s a win-win: aspiring photographers gain exposure and photography enthusiasts get to discover and engage with new content.


This Amsterdam-based startup is the answer to all your art-searching problems. It can feel overwhelming to find pieces that fit your personality and home, where do you even begin?

FRAEMd lets you swipe through different works, saves your preferences and sorts their large art database according to your tastes. Once you find the gem you’ve been dreaming of, you can buy it on their platform. 


Experts select the best of contemporary art galleries and put them up for sale on Artsper.

Art galleries make for a nice cultural outing but sometimes the art piece you want isn’t exhibited nearby or you simply don’t have time to gallery-hop. The French startup solves this by bringing over 20,000 art pieces from all over the world in one platform.

Find out more about who’s challenging conventions in the art scene on Index!

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