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This article was published on November 20, 2020

StartMail is the private email service that guards your data the way you should

StartMail is the private email service that guards your data the way you should
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TLDR: A one-year subscription to the StartMail Private Email Service adds a much-needed layer of protection to your email that many users don’t realize they’re missing.

Since the rise of AOL, Gmail and others, you’ve been able to get a free email address almost anywhere you turn for years. However, that privilege comes with a few trade-offs of its own. 

No matter who handles your email services, you’re very likely, though often unknowingly, allowing them into your life. They can track you and your activities as well as read your emails in exchange for that free service. And that doesn’t even get into all the ways your emails and even your email address itself can be compromised and misused.

StartMail offers security-conscious emailers the chance to seriously ratchet up their protection. As a private email service, StartMail begins with an absolute security-first approach to all of your communications. 

Based in The Netherlands, StartMail begins from a position of staunch security. Adhering to European Union GDPR privacy laws, StartMail already sticks to some of the strictest privacy safeguards in the world.

Using state-of-the-art technical and organizational security, StartMail shields users against unwarranted intrusion and any form of mass surveillance. Traffic between you and the StartMail servers is encrypted and all your StartMail correspondence and your folders are stored in your own encrypted user vault with 10GB of storage space.

With StartMail, you can send private, password encrypted email to everyone, even if your recipient doesn’t use encryption. You can also protect against spam by creating unlimited disposable email aliases, keeping your real email restricted only to those closest to you. 

Those precautions allow you to create professional, custom email addresses that still enjoy all of StartMail’s stiff security measures. And since StartMail is fully MAP/SMTP compatible, you can use StartMail with your email organizers of choice like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

StartMail is founded on a basic belief in your right to privacy, so in addition to being ad-free, StartMail also never reads your emails. While that means data like flight information doesn’t automatically get sorted into your Google Calendar like it would for a Gmail user, it also means they never farm your data to serve you ads or sales recommendations.

With this offer, you can get a year of StartMail Private Email Service protection at almost half off its regular price, down to just $29.99. You can also get access for up to three users for only $49.99 or just sample StartMail for 6 months at a similarly discounted price of just $19.99.

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