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This article was published on November 19, 2020

Start 2021 on track to becoming an experienced product manager with this training

Start 2021 on track to becoming an experienced product manager with this training
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TLDR: The 2021 Project and Product Manager Essentials Bundle outline the steps and skilled needed to take on major business leadership roles and succeed.

There are 100 different ways to complete a project. While that might sound encouraging, it’s probably important to remember that many of those ways don’t lead to a fantastic conclusion. Many lead to dead ends, misused resources, blown timelines and even complete project collapse. 

If you’ve been entrusted to help guide a major business project or a product launch, unsuccessful outcomes could spell your doom. To succeed, you need to understand the proven pathways that boost your odds for the positive results your career demands.

With the training in The 2021 Project and Product Manager Essentials Bundle ($39.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), you will be well on your way to arming yourself with the tools for that success. 

The bundle features nine courses that explore everything a new project lead or product manager needs to know to optimize their chances for success. 

With courses like the Project Management Foundation Course, students quickly get a grasp on what’s important to keeping a project on track using the Agile method. The world’s most popular project management approach, these courses will help explain the Agile process and how to oversee the constant cycle of evaluation and short-sprint goals at the core of the methodology.

There’s also insightful training here on putting various pieces of Agile into action, including assigning roles and responsibilities, assessing risk and even how helpful elements like User Stories can be key to reaching your ultimate goal.

Meanwhile, other courses expand on some of the tools needed to keep an Agile project flowing smoothly, including understanding kanban boards, and using project management platforms like Jira and Trello to make sure everyone on a project is communicating and nothing falls through the cracks.

There’s also training here in using Agile to guide a product development cycle as well, managing a product backlog as part of an Agile Scrum team.

Experienced, successful project managers can command a hefty paycheck, so this training could be a springboard to a lucrative new career. A nearly $1,800 collection of training, all nine courses are available now for considerably less, only $39.99.

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