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This article was published on November 16, 2017

Spot all your site problems — and fix ‘em fast — with a SiteGuru subscription, now just $39.99

Spot all your site problems — and fix ‘em fast — with a SiteGuru subscription, now just $39.99
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Creating a website aimed at attracting a wide audience requires an equally wide and varied skill set. Beyond a strong eye for visuals and the technical know-how to assemble a working site, there’s the matter of site optimization that can often leave many new page builders scratching their heads.

If questions about stuff like SEO and confusing site code make your eyes glaze over in half-comprehending fear, services like SiteGuru (lifetime subscriptions available now for only $39.99 from TNW Deals) are a simple step for handling those quirks before they become big problems.

SiteGuru is that “second set of eyes,” scanning over your site to find odd technical quirks, usability issues and places where search engine optimization, proper tagging, and other structural fixes can make a world of difference.

SiteGuru will go through your website code, find ways to make your pages load and run faster, as well as pointing out any broken links or places where meta descriptions are needed. It even looks at how well your site runs for mobile users, so their experience can be just as smooth and trouble-free as desktop users.

Each week, SiteGuru compiles a weekly update, alerting you to your website’s pluses and minuses, while offering tangible, actionable methods to help your site improve and thrive.

In addition to the lifetime plan for just $39.99 (a $600 value), you can also get in with SiteGuru on shorter 3-year ($29.99) and 1-year ($19.99) subscriptions.

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