This article was published on August 19, 2010

South Korea Bans North Korea’s Twitter Account – Yes, Really.

South Korea Bans North Korea’s Twitter Account – Yes, Really.

Too bad if you live in South Korea, the wonderful new North Korean Twitter account is now off limits for you! Apparently, the South Korean government has deemed the account to contain “illegal information,” and has thus banned it like it’s hot.

In case you missed it, the DPRK joined Twitter and began tweeting very useful bits of propaganda out to the world. Their first tweet was a real zinger, translated into English it roughly said: “Website, “our nation itself” is a twitter account.” We had this to say on the account:

This should end the discussion of Twitter being mainstream or not: North Korea has a Twitter account. In an exercise of odd futility, sad content, and a  blanket of depressing comedy, you can now follow party-line propaganda straight from the DPRK in bite sized format!

No more such wonderful commentary will be available for our South Korean friends. Well, Starcraft II came out so I doubt that they will care too much, right? South Korea’s official statement was the following: “We decided to act immediately, after having considered the unique nature of social network services like Twitter, where specific information can be dispersed to thousands in a short period of time.”

Does the ban matter? Probably not, the North Korean Twitter account only has 8,800 followers. It is hardly making a real impact.