This article was published on November 19, 2015

Source: Twitter testing expanded, multi-day polls [Update]

Source: Twitter testing expanded, multi-day polls [Update]

Last month, Twitter rolled out polls to its users, but they were limited: it could only have two choices, and would remain active for just 24 hours.

Now, a source says that the company is testing a more thorough, robust poll system that would allow users to create polls that have more than two answers, as well as polls that could span across many days.

The application is obvious: sometimes, people just want to ask questions and present more than two options for their audience. Also, more choices means a bigger opportunity to understand the nuances in a given Twitter audience, and ultimately more intriguing data.

We’ve reached out to Twitter and will update with a response, but the company usually admits to routinely testing new features. Some of these tests, like swapping out the star for the heart, have lasting consequences. But expanded poll features seem like a natural extension of what Twitter has already built, so I hope this one gets into the hands of the wider audience soon.

Update: Twitter has officially rolled the expanded polling feature out to all users on iOS, Android and the Web, which lets you choose up to four poll responses.

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