This article was published on May 28, 2010

Soluto: self-serve PC tech support, done right.

Soluto: self-serve PC tech support, done right.
Jeff Bajayo
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Jeff Bajayo

Based out of New York, Jeff is a high school student, technology enthusiast/journalist and entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter (@JeffBajayo) Based out of New York, Jeff is a high school student, technology enthusiast/journalist and entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter (@JeffBajayo) and check out his personal site ( ).

Soluto - Anti-frustration softwareWould you pay $50,000 to end your PC frustrations?  Luckily, you don’t have to because TechCrunch already did.

Meet Soluto.

Israel-based Soluto, as we covered yesterday, just won the TechCrunch Disrupt competition, and 50 grand along with it.  The company’s  innovative “Anti-Frustration” software is and works like a dream for conventional PC users.

Soluto is directed at the crowd that would normally leave their PC problems to a friend.  Installation is straightforward and simple, without too many questions.  Once installed, you’ll get your first glance of the Soluto UI, which is as beautiful as it is functional.  A quick reboot and you’re ready to start ending frustration.

On reboot, Soluto will analyze your computer for boot processes and times.  Soluto doesn’t take the world into its own hands, however.  It will lay out each application in front of you, telling you how long each one took to load.  This way, you don’t risk mucking up applications that might be essential for you.

Soluto has a wealth of useful functions.  One of our favorites is that it will guide you through speeding up your boot times by removing applications.  Not sure what something does?  Just click on the application name in the timeline and you’ll be taken to a wiki entry for it.  Still can’t make up your mind?  Crowdsource.  Soluto will provide you with a pie chart that lets you know what others have done with the application.

Soluto is perfect for those friends and family who are always calling on you for tech support.  Not only is it a perfect time saver, it’s also incredibly safe.  Soluto won’t let you make any actions that can’t easily be reversed.  The motto of Anti-Frustration Software goes far beyond just treating frustration from Windows machines themselves.

What’s more?  Soluto is mapping what it calls the PC Genome Project.  By taking user experiences with software, and finding the common fixes for them, Soluto is essentially mapping out technical support, moving away from trial and error and into simplicity.

The bar has been set, and it will frankly be difficult to cross.  For users who aren’t comfortable using more in-depth applications, or even for those of us who consider ourselves geek-savvy, Soluto provides a way to safely and effectively get rid of the frustrations of PC user life.

Soluto – Anti Frustration Software from Soluto on Vimeo.

Article idea by @JeffBajayo and words by @BradTNW

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