This article was published on March 10, 2015

SocialRank’s updated Tech Media Index reveals the secrets behind Twitter success

SocialRank’s updated Tech Media Index reveals the secrets behind Twitter success

Analytics firm SocialRank has been on a roll recently: We wrote about the launch of its Tech Start Up Index back in January and its tool for checking out your Instagram followers last month.

Now, it’s updated its industry indexes – including the Tech Media Index, which tracks 95 of the biggest tech news-related Twitter accounts, TNW included – to show which tweets cause the biggest spikes in engagement.


Social Rank’s indexes let you compare the number of followers each account has, the level of engagement they receive and the number of verified followers they’ve notched up.


There is a significant new addition – the company’s now annotating the engagement graph showing the hourly flow of retweets, mentions and replies for a particular index with its best predictions for spikes in interest.

In the case of the Tech Media Index, that allowed it to identify the individual Buzzfeed tweet that accounted for the biggest spike in activity during the Oscars:

In a really interesting post on the lessons it’s learned from launching a data product, SocialRank also says it’s working on ways to identify the reason for smaller spikes and patterns in engagement.

Another significant update is the ability to sort the list view to see which accounts are the biggest winners and losers in different metrics.  It allows you to see not only which companies are in an index but what their specific stats are.

SocialRank says its indexes are still very much a work in progress, but they already offer some fascinating insights into what’s working and what’s not at some of the world’s biggest brands.

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