This article was published on December 10, 2014

Social marketing platform SocialBro adds Twitter monitoring

Social marketing platform SocialBro adds Twitter monitoring

Social media campaign management platform SocialBro has just launched a monitoring tool that harnesses the power of Twitter data, enabling deep data mining across available Twitter content in real-time.

With this addition to its arsenal, SocialBro is able to provide its users with full real-time and historical Twitter data monitoring, and allows them to gather insights and run marketing campaigns using its existing tools.

SocialBro in action

The company says that its new monitoring functionality supports complex search queries with combinations of hashtags, mentions, locations, keywords and sentiment. This lets users cross-filter and slice the data by multiple factors and also look at demographics like gender, locations, and languages, and even competitors’ activity and reach.

SocialBro demographics

SocialBro says that the new data can be used by companies to increase social engagement, using targeted content and campaigns for segmented audiences. For example, after a media campaign, new followers can be targeted with a coupon or free trial offer.

Javier Burón, CEO and co-founder of SocialBro, said: “In the same way analytics revolutionised planning and deployment of PPC campaigns, data and insights are the future of social media. The SocialBro marketing platform combines complete access to real time and historical Twitter data with the ability to analyze and act on that intelligence for exponential improvements in campaign performance.


Correction: An earlier version of this article indicated that SocialBro had access to all of Twitter’s data. That is incorrect. SocialBro has access to the same filtered data from Twitter as other third-party services and apps. 

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