This article was published on March 30, 2020

Social distancing doesn’t have to seal off your world. Here’s how to open it back up.

Social distancing doesn’t have to seal off your world. Here’s how to open it back up.
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TLDR: With The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone, you can learn a new language, read dozens of books and have full online protection for under $200.

It’s only March, but it’s safe to say that the phrase social distancing will be the official takeaway term that everyone remembers from 2020. From kids on the playground to seniors in retirement communities, everyone is at least conscious of the six feet rule — though some are doing a better job of enacting that rule than others.  Forgive those in Wyoming and Montana, for they know not what they do. 

Instead of blatant disregard for CDC standards, turn into the skid. Instead of pushing the world away, use this time exiled inside your home to more fully embrace all the richness and wonder this planet has to offer. 

Yes, it’s called The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone ($179.10, 76 percent off from TNW Deals) with promo code: SOCIALDISTANCE10, but it’s really just a tool collection to take better advantage of everything around you once stay-at-home and hand-washing orders have lapsed.

There’s no greater universe shrinker than shared language, which makes the Rosetta Stone Unlimited Access Lifetime Subscription (24 Languages) a true passport to the world. A staple of online learning for decades and the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award winner for Best Language-Learning Software 5 years running, there’s no more intuitive and immersive way to pick a second or third or 24th language.

You’ll have access to learn 24 of the world’s most popular languages at your own pace, all taught by Rosetta Stone’s renowned and proven training method. Through interactive lessons that reinforce vocabulary, you’ll quickly build basic conversational abilities while the TruAccent speech recognition technology offers instant feedback on your verbal skills.

While Rosetta Stone can help you communicate with the world, the lifetime subscription to the 12min Premium Micro Book Library gives you the means to understand it all. Once you dig in, you’ll find hundreds of 12-minute micro book summaries, distilling all the important themes and major takeaways from best-sellers and other respected works of nonfiction literature. From parenting and personal development to science, economics and biographies, you can learn about nearly anything, all in a quick break during your workday.

Finally, you’ll also get a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited to make sure you stay safe during all these web excursions for knowledge. The best-selling VPN of all time, KeepSolid offers a completely unrestricted conduit to the web that keeps you and all your activities 100 percent anonymous. No cybercrooks or government watchdogs can disrupt your complete online privacy, even on dodgy public WiFi networks. Your sensitive data stays protected while you surf anywhere, bypassing geo-locking restrictions with protections trusted by 10 million KeepSolid VPN customers worldwide.

Each of these services range in price from $199 to almost $350, but with this current social distancing deal, you’ll get lifetime access to them all for less than $70 each with promo code: SOCIALDISTANCE10. 

Prices are subject to change.

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