This article was published on March 26, 2020

So…what have you been putting off? Time to settle it, once and for all.

Check out 5 tasks that you should really get finished right now

So…what have you been putting off? Time to settle it, once and for all.
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TLDR: From following up on New Year’s resolutions to crafting a business plan to cleaning out your hard drive, these five deals will help you take care of some often neglected business.

So…what have you been putting off? Time to settle it, once and for all.

Whether it’s weeding the front yard, cleaning out the gutters or just whipping the mower over the lawn more regularly, there are always a handful of home maintenance projects on everyone’s to-do list.

Of course, inside the house is really no different…but those tasks aren’t always quite as visible as overgrown landscaping. So while you’ve got some time indoors these days, this might be a good time to attack five important tasks you’ve probably been putting off.

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming?

Yeah, we know. It’s already been a rough start to 2020 and some of your best-laid plans are probably already long in tatters. But with the Goals Habit and Goal Tracking App for High Achievers ($24.99; originally $49.99), you can get ‘em all back on track. Goals helps turn dreams into action plans that can actually work in the real world. You can use Goals to track deadlines, send reminders and encouragement and measure your progress toward your ultimate goal. If it feels like your goal is way too big to ever be attained, Goals can bring it closer than you thought possible.

Get that business plan rolling

Since that bidet showroom idea isn’t just going to open itself, you need to get all your ducks in a row with the help of a Bizplan Premium Subscription ($39.99 for a lifetime plan; originally $2,940). With Bizplan, you use simple drag-and-drop templates to put the core of your business plan together. Enter all your numbers and this all-time Top 10 AppSumo product will produce a professional business plan so you can set timelines, keep track of your finances and distribute your vision to help wrangle investors.

Create your brand logo

The cornerstone of any successful brand is a simple, eye-catching, impactful logo — and with the My Brand New Logo Automatic Logo Generator ($39.99; originally $12,500), you’ll be on your way to challenging Apple and McDonald’s. Enter a few short details and press the button, then watch My Brand New Logo’s advanced algorithms create a fabulous professional, print-ready, scalable logo that you own. You can make modifications if you like or start over from scratch — you’ll never end up with the same look twice.

When did you last update that resume?

Even if you love your job, you never know when an opportunity will arise and you’ll need your best, most-polished, on point resume ready to go. Over 100,000 job seekers have trusted Rezi Resume Software ($29 for a lifetime subscription; originally $540) to produce a resume that will immediately catch a hiring manager’s eye. Rezi offers instant feedback on your resume and, with its unique Rezi AI feature, analyzes the job description and optimizes your work history with the keywords that’ll please the automated applicant tracking system (ATS) most companies use to initially screen job seekers.

Clean out your hard drive, man!

Old files — documents, videos and images you forgot about years ago — are not only clogging your hard drive, they’re likely slowing down your entire system. You can get your computer running like a champ again by moving all that stuff to the cloud with a massive 10TBs of secured backup space in your premium Degoo plan ($99.99; originally $3,600). Degoo will shift all your data at lightning fast speeds to its servers under ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption. You can access it whenever you need. Plus, regular automatic backups mean you’ll never suffer a crippling data loss.

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